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Advantages and Disadvantages of Live Casinos

The internet changed everyday life, and there wasn’t a chance it won’t affect the gambling industry. Gambling on the web has many advantages, and many companies decided to take advantage of this. This is why today, we have thousands of online casinos up and running and thousands more preparing to do the same. Technology announcements combined with internet progress made this possible. Today we have people enjoying their favorite games on their smartphones without a need to visit a land-based casino.

It wasn’t always comfortable to gamble online, as the first online casinos and games had many issues to cope with. The major ones include safety and security, combined with no so great offerings of the games. When things were like this, many people still decide that visiting a live dealer casino was a better option. Luckily, in the mid-time, these issues were sorted out, and today, online casinos offer high-end protection and a variety of games that could satisfy any potential player. In addition to having to play numerous games, some of which are breathtaking, you can also play games that include a live dealer, giving you that feel you have when playing in a land-based one.

Things like these we mentioned above are those that launched the online casinos into the stratosphere of popularity—playing your favorite game from the coziness of your own home without losing any of the charms of a live dealer casino really set the tone for many. But, this still doesn’t mean land-based casinos are outdated. On the contrary, they still have plenty to offer. But we’re here to talk about what live casinos have to offer. In fact, we’re talking about both sides, and in this article, we’re going to divulge some of the advantages and disadvantages of live casinos. Let’s start!


Real-time With Live-Dealers

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This is a feature that online casinos are trying to emulate, but sitting at the table and having a live-dealer in front of you can’t be replaced that easily. But, live casinos have come a long way, and today you can experience something similar. With this option, you have a live dealer present through your application, and you can follow all the moves in real-time. This version brings it close to the real deal as much as possible—a true advantage of live casinos. If you are sold after this passage, be free to check out a live casino by Winny. An experience that will make you feel as if you were playing at a real casino.

High-end Tech

Online casinos have been made possible by the advancements of technology. Live casinos are the next step in their development. Players enjoy games much more since live streaming was made possible and became a standard part of casino offers. The best part is that players can follow all the moves and even have a replay of some hands. Furthermore, you can play two games, leave the room and go back in while you wait for the ball to fall in roulette, or while you wait for another player to make their move. Also, this makes all the live games transparent, and they have the advantage of not being played against a computer, which is something most players mention once they lose money.

Live Chat Feature

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This is what makes online casinos grow in popularity. Chatting with the dealer and other players while you’re playing is a great feature. In most land-based casinos, you’re not allowed to fraternize with the dealer, and players might not be in the mood to do this. This could happen in a live casino, but due to the form of communication, the players are much more opened. It often happens that people bond during games and even become friends in real life. We must say that speaking with the dealers isn’t familiar, not even with live casinos, but you can contact other members of staff at any time.



We should probably say the lack of it. Unfortunately, live casino games can be slow at times. In most cases, it is because of the involvement of other players. Some of them will take their sweet time because of their game style, while others will simply be distracted by something else, but you’ll be the one waiting for their move. Because of this, at ties, the game is going to be a delay to your annoyance. While there are set time limits in which each player needs to make their move, some of them wait to the last second, which can take the joy of playing to others.

The Capacity

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Once they hit the ether, live dealer online casino games became an instant hit. Because of this, players flock each day to play, which creates a rumble in casino rooms. Sometimes it is hard to find a place at the table to sit and play. This is a big no-no for some, and they quit playing altogether. The wait is usually only a couple of minutes, but it can sometimes be prolonged to hours, which is a big turn off for most of us.

Technical Issues and Errors

If you ever watched anything on the internet via a live stream, you know there should be a glitch or an error. Live casinos are not saved from technical issues; in fact, they can be quite common. Sometimes they’re just momentary blockages that can be and are solved in a matter of minutes. But, occasionally, massive issues arose, and the game gets interrupted as a whole. This is what players hate the most, and it makes them turn their backs on live casinos. In some instances, it doesn’t have to be the casino’s fault. If your internet connection is wrong or if there’s an outage, you won’t be able to play. Technical issues and errors aren’t everything new on the worldwide web, and it will take time for live casinos to eradicate them completely. But, for now, we can’t complain about what we have.

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