Interpreting the Diagnostic Software Test Results

Interpreting The Diagnostic Test Results

Sample Test Screen Illustration

Interpreting the Test Results in the Sample Test Screen Illustration

From the test result shown in the illustration above, there are two failures:

Base Memory and Extended Memory:

1. Base Memory Test ( 7F090 , A0000 )

MATS + Loop 1 …………………………… Fail * Addr : 0007F090 ( 506K) , Exp : 55aa55aa , Act : 01500150 Short Form: Addr = Address Exp = Expected Act = Actual

Interpretation for Test Failure-1 ( Basic Test)
The base memory range starts from 0K to 640K. This is occupied by the Basic DOS operating system during the startup process. A failure was encountered at address location :0007F090 (memory range at 506K).

The MAT-S, test pattern had detected a failure by writing a data pattern [55aa55aa] into the memory range location at 0-640K. In order to detect if a memory cell is defective in the range of 0-640K, the diagnostic will try to read back the data pattern and match [55aa55aa] it. If it the read back data pattern does not match [55aa55aa], the diagnostic will detect the failed location. In this example the read back data was [01500150], which is incorrect.

2. Extended Memory Test ( 7F090, A0000 ) MATS + Loop 1 …………………………… Fail * Addr : 00100000 ( 1M) , Exp : 55aa55aa , Act : 21802180

Interpretation for Test Failure 2
The Extended Memory range starts from approximately 641K onwards, this is occupied by the Windows operating system and other software applications. A failure has been encountered at address location :00100000 (memory range at 1M). The MAT-S Test pattern detected the failure by writing a data pattern [55aa55aa] into the memory range location beginning at 641KB through to 32 MB, and the diagnostic detected the failure location at 1 Mb. In this example the read back data was [21802180], which is incorrect.

What to do after Analyzing the Test Results

From the test results , we know that failure had been detected at two locations 504K (Base Memory) and 1M (Extended Memory). Since the example uses only one piece of 32MB DIMM, the single defective module will have to be replaced. If there were more than one module, you would have to determine the memory address of the failure and then apply that information to identify which module had the failure. You could then swap the modules and run the testing again to narrow the field.

Had the memory tests returned good results, you will need to isolate and examine other possibilities such as CPU, Motherboard or other peripherals that you have in your computer.

Diagnostic Software FAQ:

Q. What does the Diagnostic Software Test?
A. Take note that this diagnostic software will not be able to run if the PC system does not boot-up. Memory test patterns include sophisticated algorithms such as MATS, March B+ ,March C-, CheckerboardÂ…etc. Selecting “Burn-In Mode” will identify 95% of a computers soft memory failures. Editing the pattern and other parameters and functions is made simple by using a mouse interface. The Software Auto-Identify feature will identify most JEDEC standard modules, their size and capacity including the type of CPU being used.

Q. Can I use this Diagnostic to check if the modules are good or bad in my PC?
A. This diagnostic software is a general purpose memory diagnostic software which is capable of testing different type of SIMM and DIMM modules on any Intel based PC system (This software is not designed for used with Apple Mac System, Sun System or an proprietary system).

Q. How accurate is the diagnostic software?
A. The software is capable of detecting 95% of all memory faults, but only if the module is capable of booting in the target computer.

Q. Can this diagnostic software identify any module?
A. The current software, version 1.4 and below, will only detect the memory size only ,future versions will detect number of data bits, access time (speed), voltages.

Q. Can it test RAMBUS/RIMM modules?
A. Yes , the software is designed to detect and test Rambus/RIMM memory.

Q. How does this diagnostic software stack up against other similar software?
A. The DocMemory diagnostic software is a preferred software diagnostic, and is used by many SIMM and DIMM manufacturers and OEM customers. CST Inc., with 16 years of experience in hardware Memory Test technology, supplies memory testing solutions to a number of customers such as Samsung, Hyundai and Micron.

Q. Will there be updates and future releases?
A. You can upgrade the test software without a charge as long as you are a registered user. You can download the latest software from the Internet as updates are made available.

Q. Can the DocMemory Diagnostic Software read the SPD EEProm on SDRAM module?
A. software diagnostic is not capable of accessing, editing or programming the EEPROM found on SDRAM memory modules. CST Inc. is currently developing a PC Card Version of DocMemory which will be able to read and edit an SPD EEPROM. The card version is targeted to be launched in year 2001 Q2.

Q. Can this diagnostic software be used to test Notebook memory modules?
A. Yes, if your Notebook has a floppy drive, the software is capable of testing Notebook memory modules.

Q. Can this diagnostic software Cache and Flash Modules?
A. The current version of this software is not presently able to diagnose Cache and Flash memory.

We do hope that this information was helpful to you. If you have a system problem that you are not able to resolve through the testing methods we have suggested, please feel free to write us. We can arrange to have your computer serviced at a nominal cost.

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