You have arrived at our “Components Shop”

Here you should be able to find nearly anything you need to build or repair a computer or server!

..and if we don’t have it, we’ll find it!

Unlike most retailers, we don’t ship tons of product every month ( we’d like too!) and we won’t sell you anything so that we can get it off of our shelves. First, we want you to be happy with your purchase, and second, we want to make sure that what ever you purchase will work in your environment. You won’t see any glitz and glimmer, just the truth about what works and what doesn’t!

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Helpful Information

Need more information on Intel Processors, such as what SEP, SECC, SECC2, PPGA and FC-PGA means or what they look like? How about motherboard chipsets or a comparison of Intel motherboards?

If so, click on the link here:  

Need information on memory modules including DRAM, SDRAM, PC100, PC133 and Rambus DRAM – DRDRAM – PC266?

If so, then click on this link:  


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