Intel Rapid Bios Boot

Intel® Rapid BIOS Boot

What is Intel® Rapid BIOS Boot?
Intel® Rapid BIOS Boot is an optimized BIOS available only on Intel® Desktop Boards and significantly improves boot time without sacrificing features, quality, or reliability. The BIOS Power On Self Test (POST) was streamlined by parallelizing tasks, eliminating redundant code, reduction of legacy features, and selective hardware usage and configuration.

Why Intel Rapid BIOS Boot?

  • PC2001 System Design Guide: targets 7 second POST + HD spin up
  • Ease of Use / End-user satisfaction
    • Reduce frustration associated with waiting for system availability
  • Reduce manufacturing/test costs by decreasing bottlenecks related to boot time

Key Messages Three Key Features to Faster Booting PCs

  1. BIOS Optimization: Intel Rapid BIOS Boot
  2. OS Optimization: Windows* Millennium Edition
  3. Hardware/Configuration
    • HDD, CD-ROM spin up times
    • Graphic card and monitor initialization/sync rates (PnP)
    • Boot order: HDD, CD-ROM vs. FDD, HDD, CD-ROM

In the graph above, a typical “best case” system using the D815EEA with Windows* Millennium Edition/Windows* 98SE and Rapid BIOS Boot is compared to the same system with a non-optimized BIOS. It is important for system integrators to remember that hardware selection and configuration have significant impact on boot speed. Hard drive spin up times and monitor sync up rates could potentially add up to 30 seconds to boot time. A 10,000 rpm drive may take as much as 25 seconds to spin up versus a 5400 rpm drive which may be ready for use in 5 seconds.

Current and Planned Availability:

  • Intel Desktop Board D815EEA: NOW
  • Intel Desktop Board VC820: NOW
  • Intel Desktop Board CA810E: July 2000
  • All future Intel Desktop Boards

Updated: Thursday, June 29, 2000

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