How To Build A Strong Car Accident Case?

You have to be aware that there are over 40,000 car accidents every year only in Canada. That number is measured in millions when it comes to global statistics. Even if you are always paying attention to road signs and careful driving, it might be the fault of some other driver. Therefore, you have to learn how to deal with this situation in the right way.

In case you face an accident, one of the first things to do is to call a lawyer. These experts will help you in the right way, and you can click here to learn more about dealing with car accidents. There are some other important steps that will help you, and we are going to introduce them to you in the following article.

First and Most Important Steps


The first thing to do after facing an accident is to make sure that everyone is safe. Avoid getting into conflict no matter who is responsible for it and try to get off the road. If there are injured people, assist with first aid if you have experience. Also, call the ambulance and police to get on the scene as fast as they can. The crucial part is to secure proper medical aid for people with injuries. When everyone is safe and provided with aid, you can continue with the process.

The police are going to create a report, but you should deal with this part as well. Collecting more evidence will make the whole process faster and easier. Therefore, use your phone to take photos, and gather information about other participants. The most important information is the names of all people, their numbers, addresses, license plates, and their insurance policies. You should create a database with all these data and save the data as well.

Call the Insurance Agency

The next thing to do is to call the insurance agency so you can use your policy. You will have to do this no matter whether you are responsible or not. There are many reasons to make this step right away. It depends on additional terms in the policy, such as coverage for medical expenses, car repair, and more. However, keep in mind that there might be some different rules if you are the one responsible for the accidents, and these rules are different from state to state.

You should call the agency of another party as well, and notify them about the accident. The reason is that the agency will send its agents to investigate the case and make sure that the details are accurate. Expenses related to car damage are much easier to calculate. However, dealing with injury claims can be a much longer process.

Determine the Right Value


This is not something to rush with. There are different elements that you can combine when you are creating a report where you will determine the value that a responsible person must pay to you. As we already mentioned, the part related to damage made to the vehicle is much easier since you can easily determine that in the nearest car shop. On the other side, claims for injuries are more complex, and they require professional assistance and experience.

When it comes to injuries, there are several things to keep in mind. First of all, be sure to include all medical expenses, including the long-term expenses for rehabilitation and drugs that you might need to take for a longer time.

Another element is related to the amount of money that you can get for the pain and suffering, along with some long-term negative effects. For example, facing a minor injury will also include this type of coverage, but it won’t be as high as for some more serious cases.

Moreover, the amount can be significantly higher if you suffered an injury that requires longer treatment. If you are unable to work because of that, the other side and their insurance policy will cover your lost wages. In case of more serious injuries that left people with disabilities, the coverage will replace all the future wages they lost because of that.

It can be tricky to calculate the right amount. In that matter, the best solution is to hire an expert in this area who will secure the best possible outcome for you.

Choose Between a Deal and a Trial


This part can also be tricky and complicated. Most people are interested in making a deal because that will make the whole process faster and easier. Also, you will avoid spending a lot of time in court. However, you should accept the deal only in case the other side is ready to comply with your terms. Moreover, be sure to never make this decision on your own. Always contact the lawyer and analyze the whole situation so you can be sure that you are asking for the right amount.

The other side will try to negotiate the deal, which means that you must have some limits. When you are sure about the amount you are asking for, there is no need to lower it and allow the case to go in the favor of the responsible side. In case the other side is refusing your terms, the only solution is to start a trial process.

Last Words

The essential part is to pay attention to every detail of the accident and the reports you are making. Even a small mistake can lead to much lower compensation. Also, avoid making any steps if you don’t have any experience. Instead of that, always contact the attorney for additional consultations.

The key is to secure the right amount of money as coverage and compensation. When you call the police at the right time and create an accurate report that will include bills from the car shops and hospital, along with the reports that will provide details about your medical state and potential long-term issues, you don’t need to worry about getting the right compensation.

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