4 Excellent Sic Bo Tricks for Beginners

The expansion of online casinos has made it possible for so many games that have been played only in certain regions, to become world famous. One such game is Chinese Sic Bo, which is typically played with dice. Online casinos have been presented to gamblers all over the world, and their popularity is slowly increasing.

Here are a couple of sentences about its origin

As it was said earlier, it comes from China and is one of the oldest dice games ever made. Kind of a casino game from ancient times. Games like this serve as proof that people have been indulging in games of chance for a very, very long time.

Typically, it is played with three dice, and players bet on the result of every roll. Being played for centuries, naturally, casinos in Asia have it in their offer. Since the rules are quite simple, a lot of people like to try their luck rolling the dice. The result depends solely on the luck factor, given the fact it is pretty hard to predict the outcome of the roll.

What does the online version look like?


Renowned game makers have created their own version of this game, with a phenomenal theme and brutal graphics, giving a gambler a chance to check the results themselves in the upper right corner, where you can find the history of the rolled dice. Any statistician will appreciate this. There are also options for sound control during the game, and the current player balance is shown in the lower left corner. To see how it actually looks visits

All a gambler needs to do is place his bet, and when the dice are finally rolled, and if the result is equal to the bet, the victory has been achieved. Sic BO is a very simple game. It is one of the table games and is played as we said, with three dice, which have values from one to six. You can bet on one of the many options listed in the table layout. The point of the game is to bet on the numbers that will land on the dice, whether that bet on one of the six numbers on the dice, on two numbers out of the three dice rolled, or on all three numbers that will land. When the results of the dice are revealed, several spots on the table will be called winners.

For every bet, there are odds on the payroll, and you can bet on big and small numbers, odd and even, bets where the outcome of the dice is odd or even. Then, you can bet on the total number that will appear on the dice.

Sic Bo is a game that is primarily based on luck, it has no strategy and because of this, it has gained great popularity all over the world, because anyone can profit very well!

There are also certain tricks for beginners to apply if they want to master the game quickly. And, this article will sum up all of those, in the following lines.

1. If you want to increase your probability to win, you’ll have to choose the most probable bet


Here you need to remember that for each bet you make, the chance for the dice to roll with that result will depend on the circumstances. In any way, the bigger the payout quota, the lesser the probability for the dice to roll that way. So, do choose those bets that have smaller payout quotas.

Also, you can bet small or big. This is the ideal way to bet in this game, as it will give you a chance to win more often. Small bets are those when you assume that all three dice will be between 4 and 10. While big ones are those when you assume they are between 11 and 17.

2. Assess how much risk can you handle

When it comes to games of chance in general, risk tolerance is one of the most prominent characteristics of professional gamblers. If you can tolerate risk, it would help if you are financially comfortable outside of the casino.

Once you develop some sense of financial security, it won’t hurt to play with a small portion of your assets. However, it would help if you limited how much money can enter the casino. By leaving the rest at home, you’ll prevent the worst outcomes from ever happening. Over time, as you continue to master the art of gambling, the level of risk you find tolerable will adjust accordingly.

3. Avoid triple bets


Such bets are not recommendable because the loss that can occur as a result, is simply too high for a beginner to handle. They are considered to be the riskiest bets this game offers. Basically, it means that you are able to predict a single number in all three rolls. Let’s face it, this is super difficult, therefore also very risky to choose as a betting method. As a result, you’ll lose a lot of time chasing losses, as well as money. So, one of the most useful tips you can apply is avoiding this bet as a beginner.

4. Practice, any chance you get

Just as it is with other casino games that require rules, the key to becoming a successful gambler lies in practice. With practicing, you’ll manage to master various methods of the game, which will come in as a great help. Although none of these methods will work 100%, still, you’ll be more confident in your betting strategy.

The game indeed depends on the luck factor, but certain tactics when applied correctly can turn the chance in your favor. This surely helps. On the other hand, there are systems that every beginner can master and apply in their game. Whichever you choose will influence your ability to come out of the game as a winner.

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