Hot CPU Tester

Hot CPU Tester is a system stability tester. It tests CPU, and virtually all part of motherboard units for errors. Therefore it can find over-clocked and defected CPUs. It, also, can be used for over-clockers to find out if their system is stable or not.

Hot CPU Tester has several modules which test CPU, caches, chipset, memory modules and other parts of the motherboard. It is most likely for weak or defected parts to fail while they are under heavy load and when the heat production is high. The testing modules intentionally overload all components to the maximum limits to exhibit their integrity. Unstable parts cannot endure these pressures and soon they will fail the tests. The program should run for several hours to check the system. 6 hours should be enough. If a system is stable under hard conditions for 6 hours it is likely to generate error. However, for systems with critical tasks, for instance servers, 12 hours is more reliable.

Main features:

  • Written purely to test CPU, chipset & motherboard
  • Uses SSE, MMX and AMD 3DNow! instruction sets
  • Testing L1 & L2 cache
  • Testing System Bus, Memory Bus
  • Testing chipsets along with motherboard
  • Monitoring CPU quality
  • Testing modules are written in assembly
  • Multiprocessor compatible
  • Multi-threaded with high priority level
  • Built-in anti-crash and error detector


Version Pro 1.0 Released 1/18/2000

The Pro version is available from the developer for $20.00. See below for other versions.

Version Lite 1.1.2 Released 

Download Hot CPU Tester Lite

Version 0.93

  • Fully rewritten for Windows NT/2000
  • Supports multi-processor systems
  • New Modules for MMX and SSE instruction sets
  • Installation program added
  • Some minor bugs fixed

Version 0.92

  • A testing timer added.
  • Some reported bugs fixed.
  • Rewritten old modules.
  • New modules added:
    1. [Complex instructions] module removed.
    2. [Fibonacci test] module added.
    3. [Prime test] module added.
    4. [Chipset Memory] module added.

Download Beta v.0.93 HOTCPU

Alternate Download Beta v.0.93 HOTCPU

Note: The final version of Hot CPU Tester has been released, however we are still making the Beta available for download. Neither we or the author take any responsibility for possible damages as the result of your use of Hot CPU Tester.

Please report all bugs and comments to: [email protected]

The HOTCPU is a copyrighted product of its developer Damon Chitsaz.


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