Call MS-DOS Command

Type: Internal (3.3 and later)


CALL [d:][path]batchfilename [options ]

Purpose: Calls another batch file and then returns to the current batch file to continue processing.


Used within a batch file to specify the name of another batch file (a file with the .BAT filename extension). The original batch file calls into action the CALLed batch file. When the CALLed batch file ends, control is transferred back to the original batch file. This command function (transfer of control back to a calling batch file) was not available prior to DOS Version 3. For more information on CALL and other batch commands, see Chapter 5, Using Batch Files.


To run the files STARTER.BAT, TESTER.BAT, and FINISH.BAT in sequence, enter the following three lines in your batch file:

call starter call tester

call finish

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