5 Most Popular Gambling Games In Australia In 2024

Did you know that Aussies are known worldwide for being the nation with the most gambling habits? It might come as a surprise that this title doesn’t belong to the Americans, but it’s true.

According to some statistics, five years ago citizens of this country spent more than 200 billion dollars on games of chance. The amount did not decrease in the years that followed, rising above 240 billion. The statistics also showed that about 80% of the adult population shares a passion for gambling, making it the most popular hobby. If it can be called a hobby at all. It’s the largest percentage in the world!

How and why did it come to this?


Their passion for gambling dates probably from the times it started being inhabited by the migrants. As the people started slowly settling in and developing a culture of their own, gambling started becoming an integral part of it, making the country one of the biggest markets for games of chances both online and in real-time casinos. As for the why, most are familiar with how large the land is, and how uninhabited. A large portion of migrants, had no close neighbors, so they were lacking social life. Where better to find it, than in casinos. Might as well make some money, while socializing.

As was the case with the rest of the world, the nineties brought the internet, and soon after gambling moved online.

Now you must be wondering what games Australians enjoy most?

So, we’ve assembled a fresh 2024 list.

1. Slots or pokies

When you think of gambling, you must have a picture of a Vegas-like casino atmosphere, with kilometers of slot machines, bright lights, and a crowd of people pulling the handles. That’s exactly the primary reason why slot machines are so popular. According to captainGambling for those with zero experience, it’s a perfect game they can enjoy and try their luck at the same time.

The second reason is the adrenalin rush. Both online and real-time version is based on generating numbers randomly, so the player never really knows what they’ll get. The thought you may become rich at any moment gives a rush of a lifetime.

Australians even have a special name for the game. They call it “pokies”, and it’s been number one on the list of their favorite games for decades now. It still is, and the fact you can now play it online, only contributes to the rise in popularity.

Popularity brings profit, and the most profit is brought by the pokies. We’re talking more than 10 billion dollars per year.

2. Blackjack


Number two on our list of this year’s most popular gambling games in Australia is the classic. A game of good old blackjack.

It’s one of the oldest and has been the most popular game of chance in the casinos, since the beginning of time, as people would say. The twentieth century brought it inside casinos and since then its fame has done nothing but rising.

As opposed to the pokies, it requires a bit more learning and experience. The rules are quite simple, though, requiring a bit of a strategy to calculate the best outcome. Therefore, players don’t just rely on their luck factor. Tactics can significantly increase the chance of winning, and the Aussies are obviously skilled in it.

3. Poker

As we move further, the games get a bit more complicated, requiring more skill. Therefore, number three is reserved for poker. It’s also one of the typical games, every casino offers, so no wonder a lot of Aussies choose to try their luck playing it.

There are a couple of versions of the games, but as it moved online, they even more developed. So, those who are struggling with understanding the classic game can find a slightly easier one, to begin with. Online gambling has made this activity suit everyone.

As the world went on hold, because of the pandemic, the biggest casinos of the world went online, live. Poker games are streaming live from the world’s biggest casinos, with the real dealers, offering gamblers a full experience. The opportunity to play in Vegas from the comfort of your home surely is a tempting one for this gambling nation.

4. Video poker


In the beginning, we wrote this nation simply loves slot and slot-like games. Video poker can be seen as one type of slot, because of the way it’s laid out. The chances of winning are a lot higher than when you’re playing pokies, which is why people play it and why it’s number four on our list.

Not to mention all the bonuses online gambling sites generally offer to players. This is an opportunity hardly wasted by Australians.

5. Online baccarat

High-roller, table card games are obviously popular among Aussies. At one point in history, baccarat was only played by the rich and the famous, especially by the French nobility in the nineteenth century. But thanks to the internet, others can enjoy it, too.

Its rules are not that complicated, so players can easily get into the essence of it and perform successfully. The odds are in their favor, and it’s a perfect game for those who like to win. Hours of strategic planning are not needed. What better condition a gambler need?

One thing can be concluded from the list, Australians like the traditional way of betting, even online. However, aside from the top five we wrote about, sports betting and horse race betting are also very popular in Australia

Gambling is generally developing fast and becoming a global business. Online casinos are on the rise constantly, not only in Australia but worldwide, thanks to a huge consumer base that expands with their ability to rise above the legal bindings.

Also, gambling, especially online gambling, is a very modern style of economic activity. It is a highly dematerialized form of consumption – it does not require much when it comes to “terrestrial infrastructure”, no expenses such as postage or forwarding packages, no need for rent and maintenance. It can reproduce quickly and has virtually unlimited potential to grow.

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