What Cool Hidden Things can You do With Photoshop?

Photoshop adobe has been around for decades and is used as a major design tool. People for whom this is a job cannot imagine their work without professional photoshop actions, but they are not the only ones who use it. It is also very often used by people who do not use it in their job description. They do it for fun or to have better access to social networks or some other creative work. However, it takes quite a long time to master just one Photoshop and that is why people love to explore it, because they can always learn something new.

Of course, not everyone is thrilled with the idea that they will have to spend hours to master all the tools, options and concepts. Don’t be discouraged, because we will be very happy to share comprehensive wisdom with you when it comes to Photoshop. This will save you a lot of time and achieve even better results with this software. For example, these are some keyboard shortcuts as well as obvious things that you may have missed. Keep reading and learn all about it.

Specific design


After opening the menu, pay attention to its left side where there is an option with which you will find Preview and click on it. Once you do that, you will proceed by going to Window, Design space and then you will confirm the unique design view. The point of this process is to discover some magical types of designs that you may not have had the opportunity to see before. So when you activate this option, explore and find new views of the design. Have fun and try something different.

Saving time with Adobe Photoshop actions

Since the options of Photoshop are endless at first glance, and if you are a beginner, you are generally not clear where to start, there is always a way to save time. For example, use the fly out menu located in the upper right corner. Then go into the options and focus on just a few panel options. In fact, ignore all but the three tags at the bottom of the panel. Either way, take advantage of the option to help you have an empty mask immediately whenever you use the Adjustment Layer. Our advice is to take advantage of the off option when it comes to Expand New Effects, as it is very tiring to turn it off every time you add some Layer Style.


So turn it off in time if this bothers you. Details are very important, because that is exactly the way you can shorten your time. Imagine every time you turn off all the pop-up options that would appear to you like this. So play with the photoshop actions and visit here to get numerous ideas.

Tracking drawing tools

When using the Pen Tool you may want to have an insight into where the path is exactly at all times. If this option is by default, you certainly cannot have an insight into its position. So start drawing the path while looking at where the path is being draw all the time by opening the control bar and changing the Rubber Band option. Here you can adjust the icon and change the setting.

Color Effects

With efficient use of time, you can achieve much better results, because that way you will keep the focus on the right things longer. Every user’s favorite thing is just that, he wants to achieve great things in the shortest possible time. And so try to apply color effects with just one click. However, this option is hidden in Photoshop and is not so promoted at all, which is why very few people know about it. Users also want to know in detail some of the colors in the photo. Then it is very easy to use an advanced color picker that makes the job much easier.

You need to find the Eyedropper tool, click and choose the color you want. This way you will have the opportunity to choose between several circles that will be displayed to you. You will then be able to see the neutral reference point, the color you originally clicked on or the color comparison.

Manipulating an object


To achieve this goal, you need to work with a photo that has a separate layer. First, select the layer and then go to Puppet Warp. You will do this by opening Edit in the upper left corner and starting the process. Once you have done this over your facility something like a network will appear. Of course, it is up to you how dense the network will be because it is adjustable. If you do not understand why this network is used, these are control points that you manipulate the object.

In the end, all you have to do is figure out what you are going to do with those points, that is, have an idea of ​​the object. Try making any move first to see how the object is moving. Then you can notice that it can be freely shortened, bent and everything else. We are sure that this will be a very cool option that can contribute a lot to great changes.

Selection of elements of complex objects

So we had an example of manipulating some very simple object. However, you definitely want to work with much more complex objects and that means you will have elements that are difficult to select. A great example of such an object are pieces of grass. Its leaves require very precise work, because you need to mark and then drag all the leaves in a certain direction. It certainly wouldn’t be so much fun to spend time on this tedious procedure and therefore avoid extra work. It’s very simple now, because you can find it in the Select menu and then click on Refine Edge.


Once this option is available to you, you need to pay attention to Edge Detection. The Smart Radius that you will mark is important to you here. This way you have the opportunity to adjust it according to the level of precision you want to achieve. However, when you decide on these details, you can go back to the photo and make a selection along its border. When you stop the photoshop action you will get results. You will notice that the leaves have been successfully selected and isolated.


We can say with certainty that Photoshop is one of the most powerful tools used to process photos, but it also contains many secrets. Here are just a few of the many tricks behind this software that can save you a lot of time and effort. Try to research and discover as much as possible. We hope we’ve helped you find out at least some of the hidden tools that are sure to help you with some amazing photoshop actions.

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