Living in Alignment - How Human Design Can Help You Find Your Purpose

Living in Alignment: How Human Design Can Help You Find Your Purpose

It can be a life-changing event for a person who wants to live his life in alignment with Human Design. This is because it allows you to accept your traits and identify your purpose in life.

Human Designs are known to be customized blueprints that are created using the place and time of birth of a person. These charts tell a lot of things about your life.

Sometimes, people start getting bored of their lives and don’t even know about their life’s purpose. If that is the case with you, you must learn about Human Design. This spiritual tool has gained much popularity in recent years for a good reason. In this article, you will get all the information about Human Design and how it can help you find your purpose.

What Do You Mean By Human Design?

Human design is a spiritual technique to learn about your emotions, energy centers, and personality. It helps you determine how to make the right decisions for yourself and work as a parent or partner.

It combines different ideologies, including astrology, I-Ching, Chakra system, and Kabbalah. Human Design is a wonderful tool to discover yourself from within, which is why so many people are drawn to it.

The ideology behind these bodygraphs is that each person is born their truest self. Every human takes birth because his soul wants to come into this world with a purpose.

You can easily create such charts online using your date and place of birth. The more you focus on your human design, the more you will discover about yourself. It is useful in determining the areas of your life to which you should pay more attention.

What Are The Types Of Human Designs?

What Are The Types Of Human Designs

There are five types of Human Designs with different weaknesses, strengths, and characteristics. Have a look at each of these types in detail below:


Around 70% of the population falls under the category of generators. The strengths of the generators are getting things done on time and grabbing the opportunities offered to them. Their holy center acts as a genuine and consistent source of energy.

Such people are known to be the happiest while engaged or busy with their work. They possess an in-build quality that allows them to make things fall in place.

Manifesting Generators

Manifesting Generators human design type

The qualities of the manifesting generators are very similar to that of generators. However, they have a trait of commencing actions, unlike the generators.

They are best known for their multitasking and efficiency. The fact that manifesting generators love trying out unique things in life makes them different from the generators. They have a naughty personality and try to find shortcuts whenever needed.


Projectors are quite different from the other types of Human Design, and almost 20% of the population comes under this category. The main motive of a projector’s life is to guide others as they are instinctive to view the larger picture.

They do not initiate actions like the manifestos. Instead, they wait for invites to take action. Their holy center is open, so they do not have a reliable and consistent energy source. Projectors who do not wait for invites often suffer bitterness, making them unhappy.


manifestors type of Human Design

The next type of Human Design is manifestors, which are known to be a rare type. Only about 8% of the population are manifestors. Such people are popular for starting actions. They find happiness in solving problematic matters that can create a huge difference.

They have a powerful throat center that can be used to raise their voice on important matters and influence other people. Manifestors who do not hesitate to express themselves are very successful in their lives.


Another rare type of Human Design is reflectors. Only 1% of the total population consists of reflectors. They easily catch the energy when they come in contact with other people. However, they must be very focused while absorbing energy.

Otherwise, they could also attract negative energy. Their main purpose is to reflect the energy they absorb. As reflectors can think from multiple perspectives, they can easily fit into career options like coaching and counseling.

Finding Your Purpose With Human Design

Finding Your Purpose With Human Design

The main objective of Human Design is to let you discover your life’s purpose. These charts help you in finding your hidden skills and talents. Many people do not know their true abilities because they never tried to discover them.

People generally follow the paths that are created by their communities or societies. These generic paths include attending school, getting a reputed job, buying a house, marrying, having children, etc. Many people feel trapped and do not wish to follow these same paths as others.

However, in reality, every person is different, and it is not mandatory to follow the paths designed by society. Some people can choose to be unique and break these patterns. Human design allows you to discover your personality and what you want to do. It allows you to respect your individuality.

If you have rare qualities according to your human design, do not hesitate to share them with the world. Express yourself and tell the world why you have chosen to be different from others.

Explain what has permitted you to make things happen according to your preference. Just because you are unique and do things a certain way does not mean you are wrong or bad. Human Design allows you to be who you want to be.

To Sum Up

Human Design is a map designed to help you discover your truest self. These graphs are created with different ideologies, including astrology, I-Ching, Chakra system, and Kabbalah. Anyone can easily create these charts online using the date, time, and place of birth. The more you focus on human design, the more you unveil your hidden traits.

Every person has a different purpose in life. And according to Human Design, these purposes and qualities are divided into five categories. The five types of Human Design are generators, manifesting generators, manifestors, projectors, and reflectors. Check out the above points to find out your purpose through Human Design.

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