Keyboard Key Lock Locked

Keyboard Key Lock Locked

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Explanation: The system is detecting that the key lock on the front of the computer’s case is locked, and therefore will not boot. The error message usually refers to the keyboard being locked but really means the key lock on the front of the system case.

Diagnosis: The key lock may be set. The key lock may also be wired incorrectly, or there could be a fault with the motherboard, or even the keyboard.


  • Make sure that no keys are being pressed in on the keyboard when the system is booting.
  • Unlock the key lock, if it is locked.
  • Investigate a possible problem with the key lock switch, if it is either unlocked already or not present on your system case.
  • Troubleshoot the keyboard. Make sure that the keyboard is properly connected to the computer and/or reseat the plug into the back of the computer and then restart the system. If necessary, disconnect the keyboard and move it to another machine if possible to test it. If something has been spilled on the keyboard, discard it and replace it.
  • Troubleshoot the keyboard controller by attaching a keyboard from another machine. If the problem goes away, it’s the keyboard, if it doesn’t, then there’s a problem either with the port where the keyboard attaches to the system or the keyboard controller on the motherboard.
  • If none of the above resolves the issue, troubleshoot as a motherboard failure and replace the motherboard.

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