8 Tips for First Time Clubbing After a Lockdown

You must have gone clubbing with your friends before, and you’ve mastered the fundamentals of the entire party scenario. But, as a result of this global pandemic, life, as we know it, has changed drastically, and nothing will ever be the same again. As a result, we’ll need to add a new set of party rules to our existing one.

Unlock process has begun at speed in many countries in the world. However, it will be stupid to forget that COVID-19 exists. Clubbing is a thing that barely involves any social distancing. So, how do you stay safe but start clubbing simultaneously? This article will take you through some tips that you can follow to begin clubbing after a lockdown.

1. Avoid Going Out If You Even Have Slight Symptoms


It is the most important and straightforward rule on our checklist. Not only if you think you have COVID-19, but also if you have any of COVID-19 symptoms. To do so is immensely self-centered and goes against everything the clubbing and partying communities have stood for since the dawn of time. Don’t jeopardize other people’s safety only to have a carefree, superficial good time.

2. Avoid Crowded Lines

Clubs that reopen will regularly use all reasonable health and safety precautions, such as providing masks and gloves to service employees and cleaning and sanitizing furniture, dance floors, surfaces, handrails, and restrooms.

Some venues will take it a step further, asking incoming guests to scan a QR code on their phones that indicates their health state or submit to mandatory temperature checks and contact tracking in the event that a visitor is diagnosed with coronavirus in the future.

As a gentle reminder, arrive at your favorite area at least 15-30 minutes sooner than before since the lines will be longer due to these procedures, and stay calm while waiting for the fun to begin.

3. Plan Your Night


People are likely to run into a group of friends with whom they used to hang out. Before you go:

  • Decide which club you want to hit.
  • Research about their entry procedures.
  • Think about how much you want to drink.

We all want to have a good time, but no one wants to end up in a hospital or have to look after someone who’s hungover. Also, be completely truthful. Let’s say you want to enjoy a long and fantastic night, and you think planning is unnecessary.

However, let us remind you that even though governments have allowed individuals to travel outside, it is still not safe, and you will have to follow the precautions to ward off the diseases.

If you want to bring someone with you, plan it before the big night. If you want to bring sparklers in the club together with other special decorations and accessories, make sure you sort it out beforehand.

4. Pick A Club With Outdoor Venue

While you must maintain physical distance between yourself and others, the allowable social distance between visitors is often less if the event is held outside than indoors, so why not choose an outdoor club, especially if there will be a larger crowd? Another advantage is that you can breathe fresh air instead of recycled air and not feel congested inside.

5. Wear Masks


Please purchase and wear a high-grade mask if you are symptom-free and feeling 100 percent well and have already opted to take the personal risk of being in close quarters with equally healthy, fun-loving strangers.

You won’t be able to buy a high-quality mask in time for the party if you don’t act quickly. You can still help decrease exposure and danger by using a disposable face mask, which can be found online or at your local drugstore. If you’re feeling more frisky, a more trendy, colorful DIY face mask from a bandana you’ve recycled from a previous music festival would be a better choice.

Face coverings of all kinds play a critical role in preventing the transmission of the virus once nightclubs reopen, especially from asymptomatic carriers. The more people wear masks in a given place, the fewer virus particles enter the space around them, significantly reducing interpersonal transmission.

6. Practice Social Distancing

SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus strain that causes COVID-19, can be shared through contaminated surfaces, but it also spreads quickly by coughing and sneezing and can stay active in airborne droplets for up to three hours. The CDC recommends a spacing of 6 feet to prevent aerosolized droplet transmission.

It gives those particles a bit more time to settle, preventing you from inhaling them. However, as long as someone isn’t visibly ill, you should be fine keeping an acceptable gap.

7. Avoid Yelling And Singing Loud


There’s no need to put yourself in worse danger to save your sanity and get out and party. Simply put, yelling or singing has been proven to speed up droplet transmission. So, avoid singing and yelling. Instead, dance like no one is watching you. If you want to tell your buddies anything important, don’t yell over the music. Have a good time and work well with others.

8. Bring Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers have evolved from merely convenient to an essential means of promoting public health and preserving one’s own personal health. Hand sanitizers contain ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, or both to kill bacteria and viruses that settle on your hands, and they’re frequently used on the go.

Alcohols have long been recognized to kill germs by denaturing and dissolving microorganisms’ protective outer proteins. Of course, washing your hands with soap and water is far more effective than using any hand sanitizer; you can use a sanitizer in a public setting to not endanger others and yourself.


COVID-19 may appear to be a horror movie monster that won’t go away after more than a year and a half of the outbreak. However, when more people receive the vaccine, there is a greater chance than ever that the partying scene will return to normal. Meanwhile, there are still many ways to have some club fun with some common sense safety precautions.

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