How Do I Know if Your Coronavirus Face Mask Is Effective

The world is facing something that has never been seen before. Wondering what it’s all about? It is a year and a half that is full of numerous distances, numerous disinfection of the hands, constant hand washing and taking greater care of their own hygiene, many canceled events, work from home, functioning through digital channels and the Internet, etc. It is about the pandemic with Covid-19 which is our bigger and bigger reality day by day. But not for long! Because we humans would not be who we are if we did not seek an appropriate solution to the specific problem we are facing. As for everything else, a solution to this problem is sought through the well-known old weapon against mass infections, and that is through the vaccine.

From the beginning of the pandemic, people were scared of the virus. This prompted scientists to immediately start researching and looking for a solution to the problem. They immediately formed teams in which they began to research the virus, to make combinations of drugs and ingredients that will lead to the final solution – a useful vaccine that will be effective and can be easily and simply put under control the virus situation. During the past period, many vaccines have been worked on and already in this period, we have about 10 approved ones that are used worldwide.

And what next? This is followed by the production and marketing of vaccines, followed by approval by medical authorities and pharmaceutical agencies, followed by mass immunization. Immunization is the only solution to end the pandemic, so at the end of 2024, the immunization of the population around the world began. This process will take some time because the process of production and distribution of vaccines is slower because it is a process that requires a lot of attention and control, and then due to the fact that at the moment live on the planet close to 8 billion people who need to get their own dose of the vaccine. Until that moment, it is necessary to continue to apply the protection protocol, ie to wash our hands regularly or to disinfect them in conditions in which we are not able to wash them with soap and water, to distance ourselves from a minimum of 1.5 to a maximum. 2 meters distance when we are close to other people and wear a mask. The mask is especially important in the process of protection against the virus. Above all, it is important to have a quality mask and to wear it properly. When we say that the mask is of good quality, we mean that it is effective and protects against the virus. But how do we know if the coronavirus mask is effective? You can know a lot more about that in the continuation because that is exactly the topic of today’s article.

If it is a mask consisting of 3 layers then it is safe and effective


The official position of the WHO is that any protective mask consisting of three layers of cotton is safe. Therefore, when choosing a mask, try to make it a model of a mask that is composed of three layers, it is best for the material to be special medical cotton because it best absorbs all the bad particles of the virus in the air that stick to the front of the mask. Each mask that is made according to the standards, which is tested and has from 90% to 99% effectiveness in the defense and we will repeat it is composed of three layers of special cotton is safe, and as an example of a safe offer we would single out the one that can be seen on because it is certified, tested and approved by the highest control bodies for such products in conditions of a pandemic.

If it is a specially produced mask then it is also an effective solution


If it is a specially produced model of the mask then it is a safe and effective solution. When we say specially produced we mean a product that came out of the factory and a product that was monitored in the production process. In these conditions of a pandemic it is necessary to avoid masks that are not made according to standards, do not have a protective role and it is especially important to avoid masks that are made by hand and from various materials that do not protect against the virus at all.

If when you put your hand in front of the mask you can not feel good about how you take and exhale then it is a quality protective solution


You want to know if a model of such a protective solution is safe and effective? You can do a small test. Put the mask you want to wear on you, then place your outstretched palm in front of it and exhale hard and inhale hard air. Did you feel the air in your palm? Yes, we are sure you felt it. But if you felt strong then it is an unsafe mask that you should not wear because it is not made of three layers and is not of good quality, and if you felt little air on the palm (as normal) in that case it becomes good enough a mask that can protect you from the tiniest particles that may be present in the air.

If the solution is certified by a high institution


When you buy such a protective solution, you need to check whether that solution is certified. Every mask model must be certified to be sufficiently effective in protecting against coronavirus. It is usually indicated on the packaging itself or inside the packaging whether it is certified and according to which certificate issued by the relevant institution the mask is effective. If it is well highlighted and credible then the mask is quality and effective.

It is necessary to pay special attention when it comes to masks because they are our protection against the virus if we wear them properly and if it is well made until the moment when it is our turn to be vaccinated and gain immunity after which there will be no need to we are afraid of a virus infection. Until then, wear masks, keep your distance and wash or disinfect your hands regularly.

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