Why Fast Ethernet

Why Choose Fast Ethernet?

The answer to this question is simple!

Fast Ethernet offers numerous advantages over standard Ethernet networks.

It is fully capable of running at speeds of up to 100 million bits per second.

It is ten times faster than older 10BaseT networks, which makes it perfect for applications that require speed, such as streaming video, streaming audio or data intensive applications.

Some of the Fast Ethernet advantages include:

  • Fast Ethernet is TEN times faster (100Mbps) than regular 10BaseT networks (10Mbps)
  • Faster throughput for video, multimedia, graphics, Internet surfing, and other speed-intensive applications
  • Stronger error detection and correction
  • Fast Ethernet hardware is available at prices that are only slightly higher than 10BaseT hardware!
  • Fast Ethernet is easy to set up. All you need are a few 100Mbps network cards, a hub, and some Category 5 twisted-pair cabling. It really is that easy!

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