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3 Key Differences Between the American and European Online Casinos – 2024 Guide

Winter gambling is gaining momentum with each passing day. The number of people who want to gamble is increasing day by day. Is it about sports events, roulette, playing poker, blackjack, and the like. It’s the new kind of entertainment for young and old. There is a fact that five out of ten people are addicted to this vice. Thanks to technology, people are now more and more neglecting the old-fashioned brick-and-mortar casinos and are more oriented to online casinos that find ways to entice gamblers.

Of course, online casinos have their own benefits that entice people to forget about regular casinos and continue to use these online. One of those benefits is, for example, that they can spin slot machines directly from their home without leaving it. This is a positive feature that further entices gamblers. Next online gambling gives bonuses to players who decide to join and register on their websites. This is a great way to attract people who want to play online poker from the comfort of their own homes.

Although there are many differences between regular and online games of chance, in today’s article we will focus more on the differences when it comes to American casinos and European online casinos. So if you are a fan of this game feel free to continue reading to find out what makes them different from each other.

Primarily when it comes to online gambling on these two continents, it would not occur to you that there could be any different. Whether you have ever played poker on an American or a European website. Even I would not think of any. But when I delved a little deeper into this topic I found a few.

1. Legal Side

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The first and most obvious difference is the legal side when it comes to gambling. In the countries of the American continent as well as in the countries on European soil, each of them has a special policy on whether it is allowed to play in the online casinos in that country or not. Each country has its own law when it comes to this topic. The small difference is that European gaming houses are definitely a bit more liberal and have looser laws that do not restrict people and allow them to afford this pleasure.

In the west, for example, there is an age limit for a person who wants to play roulette. People under the age of 21 in some countries on American soil could not do that. While in European countries it is a bit different, the sites offer the option to agree that you are 18 years old to continue on the site and start gambling.

2. Advertising on online gambling websites

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The second difference I noticed, and I’m sure you noticed, is the advertising on online gambling websites. If you have ever had the opportunity to attend all over the continent, you may have noticed how online casinos are advertised. In Europe, where the European Football Championship is currently taking place, during the TV match, in the part that is planned for commercials, the TV companies are constantly advertising websites where you can gamble. This is a great marketing ploy to get people to open that page and try their luck at gambling. Not just on TV, these online casinos use all the advertising channels.

You can find ads for the pages on billboards around the city, on your favorite web portal where you follow all the important news that happens in the morning or during the day, even on YouTube videos where ads appear between the seconds of the video. It is not that online casinos need too much advertising, they still have the largest group of consumers, but they use every moment to attract as much as possible. This is not the case in the US market. The casinos on the internet are not so focused on the advertising.

3. Roulette

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The third thing I noticed and certainly noticed by other users of these services is roulette. This game is one of the most popular games, whether it is online gambling or regular casinos. If you start playing roulette on an US or European website, you will not notice anything different. However, when the ball is dropped into the spinning wheel, this is where you will notice the difference. In American roulette, you will see that there are 38 pockets where the ball can stand, with numbers from 1 to 36 and an additional two green pockets marked with 0 and 00. While that roulette on European websites has one pocket less.

That is, there are 36 black and red pockets and only one green pocket. What does this mean? This means that players who play European roulette have a better chance of winning than those who play US roulette. American roulette is constructed this way with an extra green pocket in order to make the game riskier. You play the same game as the Europeans, but with a dose of more fun and excitement. And it suits the house, with less chance of winning you will keep playing again and again until you win.

If you are currently reading me from a country on European soil, and have not had the opportunity to play American roulette so far, I can suggest you visit and do it for the first time. Not just roulette, the website offers you the opportunity to play other games of chance. You also have the option to filter out some of the best online casinos in the US to find the best one for you.

Playing games of chance on the internet is one of the things that offer great entertainment in the 21st century. We just need to be careful not to do it every day, so that it does not become a habit and further so that we do not become addicted to it. But sometimes it is good to have extra free time, to open a website like the one mentioned above, and to spend the extra time we have and to play online poker or roulette or to try our luck at the slot machines. Maybe our next turn on these machines will mean a profit for us. This is why these games are called games of chance because everything here depends on your luck and nothing more.

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