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7 Tips on Writing an Effective Scholarship Essay

Most scholarships require applicants to write an essay that is used to assess their suitability for a program or funding. Your chances of obtaining funding or gaining entry into a prestigious institution depend on your performance during the essay. This factor makes the essays as competitive as your performance in …

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How Do I Know if Your Coronavirus Face Mask Is Effective

The world is facing something that has never been seen before. Wondering what it’s all about? It is a year and a half that is full of numerous distances, numerous disinfection of the hands, constant hand washing and taking greater care of their own hygiene, many canceled events, work from …

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What are the Benefits of Effective Procurement Management?

If you can manage your purchase of goods and services efficiently, you can do a successful business. Because procurement is not a simple thing. In business management, it includes proper planning for purchasing. You must do thorough research for the goods or services that you have to offer and find …

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