Who Are the Top 10 and Best Winners of Poker Games in the World?

The reasons why people play Poker games can vary. Although excitement and entertainment are at the core of every possible reason, the ultimate desire of every person might be different. Some just play for the sake of being victorious and feeling good about themselves.

But some people might be playing Poker to earn money for one or more reasons. Apart from this, it was noted that other individuals just love the challenge of a new game and the capability to beat one or more people. Like a sport, poker has winners and losers as well. The more important thing is to accept the win or lose in the brains of other people.

The ranking of the best players in the history of Poker across the globe can be done as per the rankings that they get or the amount of money that they have earned.

In this article, we will focus on the earnings of poker players, and the ranking is given based on their winnings. It is difficult to believe that there are several poker players who have earned over 49 million pounds as well. Get the live casino app downloaded on your phone to check how the game works:

10. Phil Ivey (31.98 Million Pounds)


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Phil is often considered to be the best poker player known. Although he has not won the maximum amount of money in this game, he is still the most respected player. He has won over 30 million pounds and has gained titles in competitions like WSOP, WPT, and GOAT. Phil actually carries the ability to beat any player in cash games, and this is why he is actually the best. Whether it is an online game or an offline one, Ivey is set to win every round. He has a natural talent that cannot be contested.

9. Mikita Bodyakovsky (31.97 Million Pounds)


Mikita is a legendary name in high-roller tournaments like the Triton Series. She is from Belarus and started playing in live tournaments in 2010. When she started playing in online tournaments, that is when she started to get noticed. She was only 18 years old when she first started to play. Since then, she has won many tournaments and participated in others, which made her one of the best poker players.

8. Dan Smith (32 Million Pounds)


He learned to play poker when he was only 16 years old. He even left his studies to play poker full-time and has had several victories since 2007. He has even won tournaments at some of the most prestigious and popular casinos in the world today. He has won everything that can be won in the game of poker today and has given challenges to some of the best poker players.

7. David Peters (35.18 Million Pounds)


He is also called The Silent Assassin because he doesn’t talk much but only plays like the best of the best. He learned quickly through online free poker tournaments and achieved a reputation as a killer. He is from Ohio and started playing in 2003. He got inspiration from an established poker player and received huge amounts of money from the poker games that he played over time. His freeroll career also gave him funds that he never expected.

6. Jason Koon (35.20 Million Pounds)


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He plays through his handle that is more notable and memorable than his real name, that is, JAKoon1985. He has become the perfect example of a player who has a combination of talent, hard work, and commitment to a particular task. He was an athlete who eventually found his way to poker. He learned and practiced the game, which eventually got him to rise up in the various online poker tournaments and become a name that can never be forgotten.

5. Erik Seidel (35.27 Million Pounds)


He does not carry the charisma like that of Phil, but he definitely knows how to win his games. He started his career in poker at a famous casino place in New York. He started winning tournaments in 1988 and received a considerable amount of money for his efforts in the game. Over the past 30 years, he has accumulated large funds in his bank account through his winnings.

4. Stephen Chidwick (37 Million Pounds)


Stephen stays quiet, but his game-playing techniques speak for themselves. He started showcasing his skills in 2008 and made an excellent reputation for himself over the years in the UK. Live tournaments have helped him win millions of euros. He is considered to be one of the best players in the field of Poker, and very few people tend to challenge him.

3. Daniel Negreanu (41 Million Pounds)


Daniel is also known as Kid Poker. He earned this nickname when he won a big tournament in poker at the age of only 23 years. He started playing at the young age of 15 years, and since then, he made a name for himself in the poker industry. He plays in high-stakes cash games and has won millions of dollars over the course of time.

2. Bryn Kenney (47 Million Pounds)


He is often called the beast in poker circles. He is an American who has won a considerable amount of money in playing poker games online and offline. He started out as a gamer, but eventually, he started playing poker when he saw the potential of money that lies in the game. Within a few years, he is a leading name in the field of poker who cannot be overcome.

1. Justin Bonomo (49 Million Pounds)


He has collected the maximum number of winnings in Poker in the world until now. His biggest win was 8 million pounds from winning an American tournament. Apart from this, he has also won several times in other offline and online tournaments. He lives by the name of ZeeJustin in Poker and is one of the leading names among poker players. His total earnings are recorded to be 49 million pounds until 2024.

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