5 Best Ways For Earning Bitcoins Without Mining

Cryptocurrency is the most commonly heard buzzword today. Yet, they are not as widely adopted into society. There are various reasons behind this phenomenon. But the most common being mining. Bitcoin mining is generally done by coders or people with extensive knowledge of coding. Hence, it is understood that the profits of cryptocurrency are limited to those who know how to code. However, you don’t have to code or mine every time to earn bitcoins. There are numerous other ways to profit from bitcoins. But they are not as widely known. This article throws a bright light on all the alternative ways available in acquiring bitcoins without having to mine.

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1. Gambling


Gambling is an ideal choice for people who are into both bitcoin and interested in gambling. What better deal do you get? Although for most cryptocurrency enthusiasts this might not be an option, it is one of the best and potential methods of obtaining some free bitcoins.

There are innumerable sites that support and facilitate gambling in bitcoin. It is as easy as signing up and gambling on those sites to win free bitcoins.

However, not all gambling sites are reliable and credible. Hence, it is advised to be attentive and careful before investing or making any payments on these sites. To people who are already well aware of gambling, there is no need to explain the process of gambling. It is easy and straightforward. But, you should be careful and mindful of the risk involved in gambling.

2. Bitcoins as payment


Bitcoins are not as widely accepted and adopted but still, people in some regions are using bitcoins in their day-to-day transactions too. No matter if you are a business or an individual, you can accept your payments in bitcoins as long as the other person is willing and available to pay in bitcoins. Accepting bitcoins in the form of payment is pretty simple. All you need to do is let your customers and partners know that you are accepting payments in cryptocurrency. As soon as they know and are willing, they will start paying in bitcoins.

However, you will have to be well aware of the bitcoin transaction processes to avoid negative consequences. You need to have a crypto wallet and be aware of the taxations if any apply in your region.

3. Sites pay in bitcoins


If you have no sources who pay in bitcoins, you still have so many options open for you. Neither do you have to start mining nor explore for someone who has bitcoins? There are countless sites that pay users in cryptocurrency for finishing certain tasks. And, the tasks are not so difficult either. So, this is one of the easiest methods of obtaining bitcoins, without literally doing nothing. Most of these sites mostly ask you to watch their ads on their sites. Even if it’s not watching ads, they give you other similar simple tasks. It doesn’t consume much time and these sites are reliable, credible, and completely trustworthy.

They are also consistent in paying their users. Hence, you can trust them and rely on them. But, be careful before signing up on these sites. Make sure you are opting for genuine services. Avoid falling victim to phishing sites.

4. Trading


Trading is one of the most common alternatives to mining bitcoins for those who can’t code or mine. This is one of the widely adopted options for obtaining bitcoins. If you are well aware of the trading culture, then there is no need for an explanation or introduction to trading practices.

You either buy or sell according to the market position the bitcoin occupies in a particular instant. The major advantage of trading is that you can start with zero cryptos in your hand. That is how easy it is.

5. Lend and interest


This is another interesting way of acquiring bitcoins and earning profit from them. If you already have some amount of bitcoin, you can lend it to someone else and charge a certain amount of interest for the time being to make a profit out of your possessions. This way, you earn more and more bitcoin as the interest also keeps flowing in the form of bitcoins. You literally have to do nothing but earn a pretty handsome amount of bitcoins.

But, you should always be careful about the platform that you are using for these kinds of activities. Be sure that the platform is safe and secure. Also, make sure the people with whom you are making transactions are genuine and reliable to avoid being conned.


The past two years have been a roller coaster ride for crypto enthusiasts because of the traction it has gained in just these two years. Cryptocurrency has gained so much prominence that numerous ways of obtaining bitcoins have mushroomed in the market other than mining. You can now witness and enjoy the profits of bitcoins without having to code or mine.

There are literally innumerable options to get into the bitcoin world, thanks to the rapid advancement of technology and widespread adoption of bitcoin as compared to earlier times. The above-mentioned methods are just a few ways of obtaining bitcoins without coding or mining. But there are innumerable others if you would like to explore.

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