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5 Best Ways For Earning Bitcoins Without Mining

Cryptocurrency is the most commonly heard buzzword today. Yet, they are not as widely adopted into society. There are various reasons behind this phenomenon. But the most common being mining. Bitcoin mining is generally done by coders or people with extensive knowledge of coding. Hence, it is understood that the …

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The World of Cryptographic Proof

The world of finance has changed and transformed significantly as it went through a big change from being completely centralized to being decentralized. Bitcoin is one such example of a decentralized currency that can be used to purchase goods and services in the modern world today. The main idea was …

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How Much Of Bitcoin Mining Is Renewable Energy?

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, shocked the cryptocurrency community earlier this year when he announced that his company would no longer accept Bitcoin for cars. His decision, he said in a tweet on May 13, was based on an increase in the usage of coal and other fossil fuels …

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3 Things All People Get Wrong About Cryptocurrency Mining – 2023 Guide

Cryptocurrencies have forever changed the way we view our financial system. What proved to be an adequate and doable financial system, Cryptocurrencies entering the scene completely disrupted the financial system but in a good way though. Cryptocurrencies served as an eye opener that led to the realization of many flaws …

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