Your 2024 Guide to the Best Packing and Moving Tips to Keep You Sane

Over 40 million Americans move every year. Whether they’re moving a few streets away, to different cities, or even to a new state, packing is always a nightmare.

Packing is a logistical nightmare. You’ve got to figure out how to organize everything so you can find it again and keep track of your boxes. You’ve also got to be able to transport all of it.

Luckily, there are some packing, and moving tips you can use that’ll make the process easier. Read on to find out what they are!

Only Pack What You Need

Moving house is a fresh start, so it’s an excellent opportunity to go through your belongings and get rid of anything you don’t need or want anymore.

Having less to travel with will also make the relocation process more manageable. Fewer moving boxes take up less space and reduce the cost of transport. This is especially true if you’re doing interstate moving.

When packing up each room, put everything into four piles: keep, sell, donate, and throw away.

Get Boxes for Free


Moving boxes don’t have to be in perfect condition. So why spend money buying brand-new ones when you’re just going to throw them away as soon as you settle into your new place?

Most grocery stores have piles of boxes lying around that they’ll happily give out if you ask for them. This saves you money during the move and is better for the environment.

Pack by Category

Trying to keep all the belongings from each room together is unrealistic. Instead, pack according to categories.

For example, all bathroom-related things. And so can the linens and towels.

Keep Track as You Pack

It’s always wise to make changes to your packing system as you go if you realize other ways will work better. But you will have problems if you don’t track these changes.

For example, when packing a kitchen, you want to know exactly where everything is. You don’t want to have a box full of pots, but the lids were lost because they were packed into another box you forgot to label.

Take Pictures


If you’re hiring movers, taking pictures is one of the best packing tips for fragile items. Then, if something is damaged in transit, you have proof that the moving company is responsible and can seek compensation.

Another way taking pictures can help you is by saving time in setting up your new place.

For example, if you have complicated electronic setups, take a picture of it before you break it down for the move. This way, when you arrive at the new place, you can use the image reference instead of figuring it out from scratch.

Easy Relocating With These Packing and Moving Tips

Starting somewhere new is easier than ever with these packing and moving tips.

These tips include saving money by downsizing how many belongings you bring and using free moving boxes. Keep track of everything and pack according to categories. And finally, take pictures as a backup in case your property is damaged during the move.

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