8 Benefits of PRP Therapy

PRP treatment is an innovative and minimally invasive therapy that uses platelet-rich plasma to help promote tissue regeneration. This healing therapy has been proven to successfully speed up the healing process for many injuries and ailments. This type of regenerative medicine can help you to heal faster and minimize your pain.

The platelets found in human blood contain many healing factors. With PRP treatment, blood is drawn from the patient and then put in a centrifuge to separate the platelets and create a concentrated serum. This substance is then reinjected into the affected area to help jumpstart tissue regeneration.

PRP Therapy offered by firms like can help patients that are dealing with chronic pain. This treatment works to encourage regeneration to the soft tissues and can be used to treat issues including:

  • Spinal disc diseases
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Ligament injuries
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Tennis elbow
  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Tendonitis

Benefits of PRP Therapy


1. It’s Natural

The use of platelets drawn from your blood and the absence of any chemicals or pharmaceuticals makes PRP therapy a natural choice. For those who have tried for years to get relief from their chronic pain, a natural treatment choice is a priority. With the risk of addiction to opioid pain medications, many patients are looking for a way to get relief from their pain without getting a prescription.

Many pain medications and surgeries aimed at relieving chronic pain comes with side effects or a lengthy recovery. With PRP therapy, the process is simple and non-evasive and can be done in a doctor’s office in less than an hour. There are little to no side effects apart from patients reporting mild tenderness in the injection site.

2. No Surgery

When you are living with chronic pain, the idea of surgery is not appealing. PRP treatment is minimally invasive and can be done in just minutes in a clinical setting. Your blood will be drawn, put through a centrifuge to separate and enrich it with healing platelets, and then reinjected into the problem area. There is no downtime involved, and very few patients have any side effects with only minimal injection discomfort.

Why take the risks of going under the knife when you have the option of PRP treatments? There is no need to be put under anesthetic, spend time in the hospital, or risk the dozens of side effects known to be associated with pain medications.

3. Minimized Scarring


Anyone that has suffered from severe acne is likely living with embarrassing skin scarring. PRP therapy is designed to encourage cell regeneration and can be used to treat acne scarring. The platelets encourage new tissue growth and can help rebuild the skin’s surface, making your scarring disappear.

PRP therapy will get under the skin and start the resurfacing process. After a few treatments, you may not be able to see any of your minor scarring. You can face the day with confidence and no embarrassing facial scarring.

4. Short Recovery Time

The recovery time following an injury or surgery can be both emotionally and physically stressful. When you include PRP treatment in your recovery therapy, you can dramatically decrease your healing time. This means that patients can get back to work and their normal routines faster and take less time off work.

Your PRP treatment can be done in less than an hour. Your plasma will be drawn in the same way as you get a regular blood test. Then it will be processed in a centrifuge to separate the plasma. It is then reinjected into the target area. The whole process can be done in less than an hour in a clinical setting. You could be back to work the same day.

5. Lasting Effects

Patients who take medications or steroid injections to deal with their chronic pain only receive temporary relief from discomfort. With PRP therapy, you are getting a treatment that is meant to help you heal with the benefit of relieving your pain.

As your body heals and produces new cellular growth, you will see better results than imaginable. The healing will be permanent. There is no need to get further treatments once you have the results that you desired. For degenerative issues, you may have to repeat your treatments after a period of time to get better results.

6. Hair Loss Treatment


For those with thinning hair, PRP therapy can work miracles. For qualifying patients, plasma can be injected under the scalp and help to regenerate the growth of the hair follicles. Over time, you will see your hair grow thicker and more confident. There is no need to shave off your remaining hair to hide your patterned baldness, wear an uncomfortable hairpiece or go through the painful procedure of adding hair plugs.

Your plasma works to rejuvenate the scalp and encourages healthy tissue growth which includes your hair follicles. As your follicles begin to regrow, you will start to notice more natural hair growth.

7. Little Risk

Many medical treatments come with risks and side effects. Some patients will even be put off their treatment due to the fear of complications. When you choose PRP therapy, you are using factors from your own body to help you heal. Your own plasma is used to help regenerate tissues with little to no side effects. PRP treatment is extremely safe and carries little to no chance of side effects.

8. Botox Alternative

Millions of men and women have put their health at risk for the sake of beauty and looking younger. Botox treatments are a popular beauty treatment that is highly effective but comes with some huge risks. Botox is essentially a poison that is injected into the face and freezes the muscles that cause wrinkles. While it may give you a younger look, you risk getting sick or dealing with rejection issues. PRP treatment is completely natural. It is possible to inject your own plasma into the fine lines and wrinkles in your face that will encourage new collagen and cell growth. The results are stunning and safe.

Taking advantage of medical technology today, PRP therapy has crossed the bridge between treatment and healing. Using a patient’s own blood to encourage soft tissue regeneration can help to heal patients faster and avoid long recovery periods. If you are dealing with chronic pain, or are having surgery, talk to your doctor about receiving PRP therapy.

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