5 World Of Tanks Boosting & Leveling Tips And Tricks For Beginner

World of Tanks is an online, multiplayer video game that was released over a decade ago, in 2010. Since its release, World of Tanks was quick to conquer the gaming world and the internet and is now regarded as one of the most commercially successful games ever created. The game is available on all major gaming platforms, like the Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo.

The game is based on war and is composed of many artillery vehicles and tanks. This can look a bit new to first-time players and beginners. For easy understanding and movement during the game, and for the comfort of the players, many online websites, pages, and web-based guides are available on the internet for the users and players to read and understand the game better. New users and players can click here for some additional details.

The simple yet intriguing storyline of the game, along with its stellar visuals and performance keeps the players and audiences gripped. If you are thinking of playing this online multiplayer war-based game, and if it is your first time, then the list stated below would help you ace the game in no time. Given below is a list of 5 World of Tanks boosting & leveling tips and tricks for beginners:

1. Choose your tanks carefully


The game is entirely based on war and tanks. They are the sole weapons the players are assigned, to control and take over the gaming world. The tanks are placed in four different categories, based on their war skills and damaging impacts.

These categories include Heavy Tanks, Medium Tanks, Light Tanks, and Artillery Mounts or Camouflage Tanks. The Heavy Tanks are ideal for large battles, as they inflict the largest damage on opponent teams. These impacts are made with the powerful weapons installed in these Heavy Tanks.

Medium Tanks are well suited for transportation to short distances and returning to the Base during times of need. These tanks are also equipped with weapons suited for small battles with the enemies on the way.

Light tanks are ideal for long-distance travel without being noticed or engaging in battles with anyone.

Artillery Mounts are best for traveling and passing through an enemy’s base and being undercover. They have camouflaged bodies, which go unnoticed by other users.

2. Upgrade the vehicles


Every vehicle provided in the game has some basic configurations. Users and players can level up quickly by upgrading their respective vehicles as soon as possible. Upgrading the vehicles means keeping the weapons like the guns and other ammunition in the tank updated.

This can be done through the in-game vendors or through the game shop but might require you to spend some real money. World of Tanks is a free-to-play game. However, users and players can choose to customize their vehicles and their respective products as per will, by paying money.

3. Use Decals and patterns

After you are done with upgrading and unlocking your favorite Tanks, use the spare diamonds and cash to change the appearance of the same. Changing appearance might seem silly and useless to some, but they are actually very beneficial.

All these changes improve and enhance your ability to fight and take damage. The more are the updates on your vehicle, the less damage it takes, and the more damage it causes to others.

Patterns and Decals can improve the shooting capacity and capability by 75% in some cases, along with increasing the armor and camouflage properties of the tank as well. However, these upgrades are temporary and could last from a few hours to a few days, depending on the purchase. So, be careful of using them wisely and purchase them before some big events, like Clan Fights and Championships.

4. Complete Daily Missions


Completing the daily mission could help you gain more diamonds and provide an insight into the game. The spare diamonds could be used to unlock the better Tanks and other special features.

Moreover, these missions have a tendency of granting additional level-ups to players. Users have a full 24 hours time period to complete a set of small tasks, which would provide them with exciting rewards. These missions could include traveling to a particular location or fighting off the desired team. So if you are free and have nothing to do, try completing as many daily missions as you can to gain extra diamonds and gain a level up quickly.

5. Join a Clan


Players and users can join a clan. Joining a clan has twin benefits. Firstly, it provides the players with a team and that team works together to fight off the rest of the players in the game, thus providing the players some extra added protection.

Secondly, joining a clan can provide the players with additional rewards. Rewards can include sets of diamonds, and sometimes, a new Tank. Clans can also give the users and players new strategies to increase their gaming skills and help them level up sooner than the rest.

The entire clan levels up at a much faster rate than the individual players. Therefore, it is advised to new players to join a clan quickly into the game, as it increases their survival chances, and it comes with its own perks and benefits.


World of Tanks is an online, multiplayer game that allows the users and players to use and control various battleships, tanks, and artillery vehicles to combat and win against other players. It is very popular in the world due to its simple gameplay and easy access. It is now available on all major gaming platforms.

However, it is not suitable for an audience under the age of 13, as it involves violence and the exchange of real money. Parental advisory and discretion are needed. Moreover, users and players must understand that games are built to calm the mind and relax the body. They are further advised to keep their playing time to a minimum.

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