Windows Workstation and Server Disaster Recovery References

Disaster Recovery References

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Anytime a major disaster occurs, whether it’s because of storms or earthquakes, or man-made disasters such at the recent attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, as part of the IT community, we know that hundreds, and perhaps thousands of disaster-recovery specialists are working at a frantic pace to restore the invisible infrastructures that are essential to daily commerce. It’s not difficult to visualize all of these support technicians scrambling for hardware, hard drives, cables, switches, working high-speed lines, tape drives and a multitude of other items that are no doubt less than perfect but will have to do because that’s all there is. Picture hundreds of people installing operating systems, service packs, and security patches and the utter frustration that results when a newly installed system crashes or when a firewall blocks necessary LDAP traffic.

Aside from insuring that we have sufficient quantities of hardware and equipment available to those who need it, we decided that the best contribution we can make is to assemble a list of resources, documentation and Microsoft Support related articles for Windows disaster recovery and to encourage you to develop, test, and regularly revisit your disaster-recovery scenario. Below you will find what has been assembled thus far. Please feel free to save it and use it, sooner rather than later!

Server Disaster Recovery

Microsoft Documentation


Restoring to Alternate Hardware

Cluster Recovery

Encrypted File Recovery

Certificate Authority Recovery

WINS Recovery

DHCP Recovery

AD Disaster Recovery

Windows 2000 Server Documentation

Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit

Microsoft Support Online

Other Resources

AD Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Journal

Contingency Planning and Disaster Recovery

Help and How To: ZDNet: Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Group – Data Recovery

Disaster Recovery Resources from

Disaster Recovery Yellow Pages™

VERITAS Disaster Recovery Solutions

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