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How To Cancel A Bitcoin Transaction – 2024 Guide

Digital currencies have been experiencing an exponential rise these days over the traditional financial methods of payments. People are using cryptocurrencies to buy services and goods as many companies have started accepting these currencies in payments. Bitcoin, one of the most popular digital coins, is being widely used for transactions.

The transactions made by using BTC are not under the control of any authority or the government. It offers a secure method of payment even after having stored all the records of the transactions. However, when making payments or exchanging bitcoin for the first time, you are most likely to make some common mistakes. And in that case, people start panicking and looking for ways to cancel their transactions.

This article will give you some insights into how you can cancel a bitcoin transaction and other information related to it. Beginners are more prone to making mistakes while dealing with cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it is always important to be attentive and careful while exchanging them. If you want to study more about BTC, then consider visiting


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First of all, you must know that is it even possible to cancel a Bitcoin transaction? Let us break this for you in simple terms. Once the transactions you have made have been confirmed, it is impossible to undo that task. But if the confirmation is still pending or the payment is unconfirmed, then yes, you have a chance to reverse it.

If you haven’t received any message regarding the confirmation within 24 hrs from the BTC blockchain, it is counted as an unconfirmed transaction. There are two main reasons why the payment did not get confirmed:

  • Sometimes the transaction charges are meager, or even zero, and such payments have very few chances to get any successful confirmation from the blockchain.
  • Usually, cryptocurrencies transactions can take a minimum of 10-15 minutes to complete payment. Therefore, you might have to wait a little longer if you haven’t received any confirmation yet.

Remember that if you haven’t received any verification message regarding the payment, then you can reverse it in 24 hours. There are two popular strategies that you can apply to cancel your BTC transactions. Let us talk about these two strategies:

  • RBF (Replace By Fee): Some exchanges have this feature of RBF where you have the chance to replace your previous transaction by creating a new one. However, you need to keep in mind that the new payment will involve higher transaction charges.
  • Double spending transaction: Not every wallet has got the RBF feature in it. So, if you are not allowed to use RBF, you might have to choose the double-spending method.

A person needs to create a new transaction that is equal to the previous amount but this time with a higher fee. When higher transaction charges are involved, miners are more likely to pick the new payments, and you will get your previous Bitcoin back in your wallet.


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Now that you have gained enough information regarding the payment troubles you might face and how to rectify them, it’s time to have a look at some of the most popular companies around the world that have started accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. Life will become much more manageable when everything becomes digital, and you don’t have to carry cash everywhere you visit.

  • Microsoft: Knowing that one of the largest companies like Microsoft has started accepting Bitcoin is helping people develop their trust in cryptocurrencies. Not only this, but it has also launched ION (2 layered authentication platform) using the BTC network by the end of March.
  • Pavilion Resorts and Hotels: Pavilion group has become one of the first international Hotel and Resort groups to accept digital currencies as a form of payment. It owns various luxurious stays around different cities such as Amsterdam, Rome, Lisbon, and Bali. It will not only accept transactions made via BTC and Ethereum but also from various other tokens.
  • Amazon: According to the earlier reports, it was being said that Amazon is about to join the other tech companies and start working on creating its digital currencies. Having said this, currently, Amazon is not seen accepting BTC directly in the form of payment, but if you can purchase different shopping vouchers by using digital coins. Bitrefill is a company helping people around the world utilize their crypto in the form of gift cards or vouchers.
  • Paypal: Following the announcements made by the company last year in October, people have a chance to buy, hold, and sell some of the digital coins. The digital currencies accepted by PayPal include BTC, Litecoin, and ETH. You can even keep track of your cryptocurrencies in the PayPal wallet. However, there is one drawback that you may face, which is you are not allowed to transfer money out of your wallet.
  • Coca-Cola: The largest cold drink producing company globally, Coca-Cola has also started accepting digital currencies. This company has recently signed an agreement with the Centrapay platform. It has developed over two thousand vending machines in New Zealand and Australia that get crypto coins in exchange for drinks.
  • LOT Polish Airlines: In 2015, LOT announced that it would allow people to use crypto coins for buying their tickets. Since then, it has been six years that LOT is still the first and the only airline company in Europe that accepts Bitcoin as a payment.
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Bitcoin is widely used around the globe to buy goods and services. However, sometimes the transactions may take a little longer than usual to complete. There is no need to panic in that case. If you haven’t received any confirmation mail from the blockchain, your payment is unconfirmed, and you can reverse it by using the above methods.

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