Trogan and Worm Protection

Trojans and Worms, A New Threat to Your Computer

Everyone knows where to purchase anti-virus programs, but what do you do about Trojans and Worms? What safeguards can be taken? Are there any preventative measures?

The answer to these three questions is Yes, Yes and Yes. Diamond Computer Systems PTY. LTD has assembled a neat and effective Anti-Trojan suite called TDS-3. Take a look!

To a certain extent, a computer virus is basically dumb!

While they are destructive if you take no precautions, with adequate anti-virus software they are not a direct threat. On the other hand, Trojans and Worms are human-controlled and are a direct threat to your computer and server and the integrity of the data stored within them. Viruses have been causing headaches globally for quite some time, but until recently the damage was always caused by the virus itself.

We are now facing a threat greater than that which any virus developer could ever have wished for. Not too long ago, the first remote access Trojan was developed. As we now close 2000 and move into 2001, our computer networks are being literally infested with millions of remote access servers and worms just waiting for hackers to connect to them to take control. Corporations and personal users alike are being effected by this turn of events. Remote Access Trojans are controlled by humans, not by programs with specific damaging code. With the ability to control these Trojan and Worm programs externally, is the human who can and will bring your computer or server to it’s knees.

Want to learn more about what a computer Virus, Trojan or Worm is? Click this FAQ.

If you think you’re safe, consider this.

  • Most Trojans are designed to work on ports through which firewalls allow entry. Some Trojans (particularly Back – tunneling Trojans) are able to get through firewalls completely. Anti-Trojan theory in firewalls is typically based upon the premise that if a Trojan can find itself “on the inside”, the firewall should stop it from talking to the outside. The truth is, outbound firewall rule-sets are often very flimsy, and once a Trojan is on the inside, it is impossible to determine what it will do. Local destruction (within the computer or network) is almost always more severe than remote attacks.
  • There are several worms under 200 bytes in size, and at this size, if a worm decided to infect your computer, it can and will copy itself completely to your computer in the blink of an eye.
  • The smallest of the Remote Access Trojans are just 3kb. At this size, they easily attach themselves to legitimate executables. The tiny size increase won’t catch the attention of many people, and how would you know? You really don’t need to, as the TDS program will do this for you!
  • Executables can be scrambled, encrypted, encoded and rearranged beyond recognition, rendering signature scanners useless. TDS can get around this problem by scanning memory as well, where it checks the decompressed/decrypted/decoded process version of the .exe to test if it is a Trojan.
  • Anti-virus scanners fail to pick up the majority of Remote Access Trojans, as typically they are not designed to perform this function. This is not acceptable, but it puts TDS in a class of its own when it comes to detection.
  • Anti-virus scanners are not anti-hacker programs, and if your system is under attack, your virus scanner is not going to be of any assistance.
  • Every second of every minute of every hour of every day, there are probes scanning the Internet for “open doors” (open ports) to computers and servers. If you’ve ever run a .exe or .com file before, you should be concerned. If you do have a Trojan listening inside your computer, you may not know about it until it’s too late.
  • Unlike a virus, Remote Access Trojans give the hacker complete control over the system they infect. They can browse your drives, and then download/upload anything they choose. They can modify your registry and delete anything they want. They can turn on your microphone and record you. They can turn on your web cam and spy on you. Although a bit of a stretch, this opens the door for espionage! If they’re game, the hacker may use the Trojan to make your computer appear as if it is being controlled by a ghost.
  • The programs used to connect to Remote Access Trojans are easy to use, and it could be a 10 year old that formats your hard drive when you next come under an Internet-based attack.

On the un-policed highways of the internet, hackers are scanning systems the planet over. Over a given period of 24 hours on the Internet, there is little doubt that your system has been probed and tested by hackers for the placement of a Trojans or Worm at least once. This is no different from a burglar checking the windows and door locks on your home in an effort to break in. The only difference is that it happens more frequently and completely silent. Your system could be under interrogation now – but how would you know? 9 out of 10 times you won’t until it is too late.

Not too long ago, we installed BlackIce Defender on several test computers to see how many times the ports on them would be probed by would be attackers and intruders through a mere dial-up logon. Those several computers averaged 7 to 12 probes and attacks per day. Without the appropriate software, we would have been unknowing and unprotected.

Diamond Computer Systems PTY. LTD is the developer of TDS, the Trojan Defense Suite. TDS-3 Trojan Defense Suite is the world’s most comprehensive Anti – Trojan system we’ve seen yet. We’ve shopped around, compared the prices, the power, the detection, the functionality, the speed, and the feature-sets of other Anti-Trojan systems. At $49.99 for their full suite, and $39.99 for their latest Beta, its a bargain.

TDS-3 has no competition. For some reason unknown to us, the others developers are unwilling to do what Diamond Computer Systems has done. While other Anti-Trojan systems detect Trojans using just a few standard methods, TDS-3 is the only system that detects Trojans using more than 16 different techniques – with many of those pioneered at Diamond Computer’s labs and exclusive to TDS-3. Take real control of your system today and check out TDS.


To learn more about TDS-3, click here.

TDS-3© is a copyrighted product 1998-2000 of Diamond Computer Systems PTY. LTD.

This page updated: 01/16/2001

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