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WEMedia Talking Browser v1.0

We often find tools and neat little programs that make the things everyone does, from the everyday user to the IT professional, easier to do. It’s not often that each of us, as part of the human race, takes a moment and reflects on how easy we really have it, especially if we have our eyesight, hearing and mobility. Take any one of these away for just a day, just an hour, and you will learn the true meaning of difficult. We completely support any developer who is willing to devote their time and energy into creating whatever software is necessary to level the playing field for those who do not have the full use of their eyesight, hearing or mobility. We will continue to work hard to develop hardware that is easier to use and manage by those less fortunate than we are, and we commend those who are doing the same for software development.

We have taken the following information directly from the developer Web site. We urge you to read it carefully, try the software if you feel it will help someone and support the developer in any manner you can.

“WEMedia Talking Browser v1.0” is a PC software application that was developed in an effort to help blind and vision impaired people to experience the World Wide Web in a much more friendly way then is currently available.

We, at Customized Computer Software, sincerely thank for the funds to complete the development of this project along with making it possible to distribute it as free. Why not add them to your browser’s bookmarks, they’re the best!

Basically, this is a web browser that “speaks” (using Microsoft Active X Agent© technology) the text from web pages for the benefit of the blind or vision impaired person. Please do not confuse this as another “screen reader” as it is a totally different concept to make the Internet experience available in a more user friendly way. In fact, it has been designed to be used without the help of a screen reader. It is operated via keystrokes (mouse clicks allowed), and upon further development, via voice recognition. These features give the sight impaired user the ability to navigate (with the skills or senses available to them) within the program. We have made a point of designing this software to be VERY simple to operate, thus allowing a wider audience to take advantage of it’s use. In fact, after getting acquainted with the operation of the software, it can be operated with the use of only 6 “hot keys” in a very efficient manner! Any additional software needed ( a text-2-speech engine) is supplied within the setup program to be installed on the system.

WEMedia Talking Browser v1.0 includes the following features…

  • The application has the ability to be operated completely via user function keystrokes or user mouse clicks as to allow the blind or impaired vision person to execute program features without the need of a “helper”.
  • The application “talks” all functions including the help menu so as to allow the user to rely on their hearing ability only (to extend their own self reliance).
  • An “interactive” help system to guide the user at every step.
  • Ability to announce where the focus is (within the program) upon demand via a “hot key” activation.
  • All links included within the loaded web page can be accessed via a “user controlled scan method” that speaks the name of the link or in the conventional way.
  • Features a “favorites” function to add favorites for future use. Takes advantage of the Microsoft IE bookmark system but displayed and accessed in a different manner.
  • Includes a “Browser map” that the user can perform any function of the browser from this one stop via a single keystroke. Put the focus into the “browser map” via a “hot key”, scan down the list of commands (via the down arrow key) until find desired function, press the Enter key and it’s done!
  • Includes several advanced features such as a text enlarger, option to change font size, option to change background colors, options to set the voice speed, tone, pitch, etc.
  • Options to view the page in the normal view or text only (all graphics stripped out) for low sighted users.
  • Features a very complete and tailored help section with interactive features.
  • Browser can be operated by the use of only 6 “hot keys” after getting acquainted with it’s features. 
  • A simple web browser that will “talk” the text that is displayed on most any web site.

Our sighted visitors can click on this >> image to view a screen shot.

After receiving valued feedback from current users we will start working on a more advanced version if development funding can be acquired. It may include the following added features:

  • The application will give the user the option of using voice recognition (i.e. the computer will convert the user’s speech to actual computer commands that will operate just like a keyboard and mouse does now) and / or the user’s keystrokes and mouse clicks to activate all the functions.
  • The “talking” web browser will allow the  user to surf the web by means of the users function keystrokes OR speech recognition.
  • The application may feature a “live chat room” that will speak the contents of what the user has typed in and the response from the other client on demand. This will be limited to the other user having this software installed on there computer as well. Peer to peer communications.
  • Also, we hope to have an email feature added to the software that will not require sight to operate simply.
  • Other features and improvements that feedback from v1.0 users have indicated would be useful.
  • Other neat stuff may be included, but at this point, will keep “under hat”!

Minimum system requirements…

  • Windows 95, 98, 98 SE, ME, 2000 or NT
  • Windows compatible sound card and speakers
  • Microsoft Internet Explore 4.+
  • All other required software components supplied within the setup (VB6 runtime files, Text 2 Speech Engine, Microsoft Agent© core files)

Download and ordering instructions…

  • You have the option of downloading this FREE application by activating THIS LINK ! (8.24 Mb)
  • Due to the size (8.24 Mb) of this setup, we also offer the option of receiving the software on CD for a shipping / handling charge of $9.00 from this Secure e-Com Link or send a request via snail mail to Customized Computer Software, P.O. Box 171, Midwest, WY 82643.

Customized Computer Software is a software & web development group that specializes in the creation of custom application software, web site application development, American Indian language teaching software, Microsoft Agent© programming, Microsoft Windows© password recovery / security,  and ATEC (Assistive Technology) customized software.

We urge you to support their efforts in ATEC (Assistive Technology). They support a number of other issues critical to our society, such as ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), Introduction to Sign Language or Finger Spelling, Downloadable Windows ASL (Sign Language) Fonts, Guidelines for Accessible Software, and a myriad of applications for the vision impaired, such as IE Speakster, Letter Helper, Make_It_Larger, Talking Mouse, Talking Page, Text Talkster, Speech Recognition.

You can visit the home page of Customized Computer Software by clicking here.

Or you can go directly to their ATEC (Assistive Technology) home page by clicking here.

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