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5 Signs Your Essay Is Going to Fail

Writing an essay is complicated, but it is never difficult. However, when you are writing on an academic level for a dissertation, an application, or something similar, it becomes a much harder task and you will need 100% of your focus to ensure that you are not going to fail. Unfortunately, it seems like a lot of college students do not seem to realize this, so they do not invest themselves too much into their writing. They do not seem to acknowledge the most common signs that their essay is going to fail.

I imagine that you do not want to get yourself into a situation where you are going to fail which is why you want to learn those most common mistakes in the signs that tell you that your essay is not good.

To help you with that, I decided to write this article and talk about the most common mistakes students make when writing, the things that you should avoid doing, and the signs that tell you whether your essay is going to succeed or not.

You have not addressed the main topic in the first paragraph

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This is one of the most common mistakes made in thesis or dissertation documents. You can find those same mistakes even on business level writing.

Not addressing the main topic in the introduction, or more specifically, the first paragraph is something that you should never do in an essay or any other kind of academic writing. To be seen as a qualified professional that has done proper research, you must talk about the main topic in your introduction.

Otherwise, the faculty evaluating your work might not even read through your entire writing. All that researcher made in all that writing is for nothing.

I assume that you do not want that to happen which is why you will have to read the introduction several times to see whether you properly address the main subject of your dissertation, thesis, or whatever else you are writing.

Poor grammar

For many college professors, grammar is never their main priority and it is not a factor that has a great influence on their evaluation of the student’s work. We are all human and we all make mistakes. So, if you have misspelled a few words or if there are a few sentences that do not have a good structure, a professor will easily ignore that.

However, if there is poor grammar from the introduction to the conclusion, that is a serious problem. A lot of grammar mistakes can leave two kinds of impressions. Either you do not have a good understanding of the language or you just simply do not care enough to fix your writing. You do not want to invest enough effort into your essay.

These are the kinds of impressions that you definitely do not want to leave. Fortunately, fixing your grammar is not a difficult process and it does not take a lot of time. Just make sure that you read through your text several times before you submit it.

You also have access to tons of grammar fixing software such as Grammarly, Hemingway Editor, Linguix, and many more. Just do not rely on them too much. If you do not feel comfortable using software, you could always hire professionals that could edit your essay and fix your grammar.

However, since you are putting your work into someone else’s hands, you want to make sure that you are hiring a reliable and trustworthy professional. To find the best dissertation editing services online, you could visit Am sure that you will find at least one service that will satisfy your requirements.

Deviating from the topic

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So, your fixture introduction and you managed to stay on the topic. That is great, but you have to remember that you should not deviate from the main subject too much throughout your entire text. It is essential to be consistent throughout your entire writing, otherwise, that is a sign that your essay is going to fail.

Even a slight deviation from the topic can be a serious problem for some professors. My recommendation would be to avoid any kind of deviation from the main subject, but if you simply have to support your proof and explanations, I suggest doing it in the main body.

Always avoid deviation from the topic in the introduction and in the conclusion.

Bad or wrong formatting

If you paid attention in class or to your professor, I am sure they provided you with the type of formatting you need to use while assigning you your essay. Even if you do not like the formatting they chose, you have to stick through it.

If you do not use the right type of formatting, your professor will immediately notice and may not even read anything that you wrote, failing it immediately. It such an innocent and simple mistake, but it has great consequences. Talk with fellow students or contact your professor and ensure that you are using the right type of formatting before you send your work to be evaluated.

Proper essay structure

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Even though it is very simple to form a proper essay structure, it is still a mistake that is very commonly made on academic degree documents.

How does a proper structure look like? Well, it is pretty simple to execute, but it can be difficult to stick to it while writing.

First, obviously, you will need an introduction that is mostly general statements about the thesis and what you are going to talk about. After concluding your introduction, you need to enter the second section which is the main body. Here, you start out with a topic sentence and then provide proof and explanations to support your topic.

You can extend your main body as much as you want. After you are done, you enter the third section which is the conclusion of your entire essay. Here, you need to do a summary of your main points and leave a final comment and a personal conclusion.

As you can see, even the slightest mistakes could make your essay to fail. To avoid that from happening, you will just need to avoid those mistakes and make sure that you are following all the rules of essay writing.

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