Setting up Microsoft's Personal Web Server on Your Computer – Part 3

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Installation and Setup
Version 4.0
Part 3

Setting up Personal Web Server:

Once your computer restarts and you are back to the desktop, you will note that the installation process will have added a new icon to your task bar, next to the time display.

To open the Personal Web Server main page, you can:

  • Double cick on the Personal Web Server icon in the Taskbar 

  • Double click on the Desktop Icon

  • Or you can add the shortcut to your Program Menu and start the Personal Web Server from Start, Programs.


When you initially open the Personal Web Server, you will see main page and then on top of that will open a tips page like the one shown below.

This is the main page.

The Personal Web Server runs in the background and is started each time your computer is started until you click on the Stop button. By clicking the Stop button, Personal Web Server, as a service offering up your personal web site, is stopped and the website becomes inaccessible. Once you stop Personal Web Server it will remain off-line until restarted, even if you restart your computer.

Try it, click the Stop button. The Personal Web Server Taskbar icon will look like this after doing so.

And the Personal Web Server main windows will look like this:

Now press the Start button, and we will move on with the review and then the setting up of the Personal Web Server. If you look at the example above, it provides you with some important information.


Note: To use Personal Web Server on a computer that is not connected to a network, you must rename the Hosts.sam file located in the \Windows directory to Hosts.

When creating and testing your website, your home directory will be located in a directory (folder) on the hard drive in the PC where your operating system has been loaded, in this case, C:\Inetpub\wwwroot. You can change this at any time by clicking the Advanced button and selecting a new directory or create one if need be. We will get into more of this later.

View Statistics
In the small window to the lower right, you can view statistics about your Personal Web Server website.

Okay, that’s the basics, now let’s get on with the fun part. In Part 4 of the Personal Web Server Installation and Setup, we’ll take a look at what those icons in the left panel of the main Personal Web Server screen can do for you. We will also finish the remainder of Setup to make things works as they should, including testing ASP pages.

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