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Five Secrets to Pro Grilling

Regardless if you’re a food enthusiast or just an ordinary food lover, the aroma of grilled dishes does something to your sense of smell. Whether it’s meat or fish, you can’t resist but eat delectable dishes. But grilling takes a lot of tricks for it to be pleasing to your taste buds. The mix of the correct elements such as heat and sauces is vital to make mouth-watering grilled dishes.
So, what will it take to be a pro griller? Well, here are a few tips we have for you.

Prepare the essentials before you start grilling

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Like any other forms and ways of cooking, it is essential that you prepare all the things you need before you start grilling so the entire process will be smooth. It is vital that you provide all the proper equipment needed – including the grill and some grilling accessories.

Now, if you think your arsenal isn’t complete yet, you could check out OutdoorCookingPros for gas grills, smokers, pellet grills, and other cooking equipment. You’d also need a fork, spatula, tongs, brushes and sauces, grilling tools, and the ingredients that will be part of the grilled food. Make sure that these are in the right places and can be pulled out easily.

When you will cook meat, ensure that the meat is defrosted. Never grill it when it’s not fully defrosted because it may pose some threats to your health because dangerous bacteria may grow.

Marinate the meat that you would like to grill. Although this is entirely optional, marinating the meat makes a difference. The longer the meat is marinated, the better the flavor of the meat will be. Make sure that the liquid mixture where you will soak the meat will have all of the secret ingredients for a tasty dish. Add spices like pepper, onions, garlic, all of which are among the flavor-inducing components.
You may also want to use grilling baskets for small food like vegetables, fish, or tofu. These foods are better off on a grilling basket because they’re more difficult to flip than normal meat cuts. Also, through grilling baskets, these foods will not slip off on the grilling racks.

That is not a problem, however. All you need is a few different grilling tools and/or accessories. Grilling fish the right way can result in you frequently making fish jerky for example. While it does take some time to get good at it, it is a great delicacy to learn how to prepare at home. If you are in need of a challenge, look no further than making fish jerky on your own.

Create and control the heat

Heat is an essential element when it comes to grilling, but controlling the heat, unlike other ways of cooking, would require a different kind of focus because the wrong level of heat does can either undercook or overcook it.

It is important that you know how to test the heat levels by holding your hands over the grate and having your palm face down the heat. If the heat becomes comfortable within two to three seconds, it is “high heat,” if four to five, “medium heat” and six to seven “low heat.”

Now, the tricky and most exhausting part of grilling is that you have to tailor-fit the level of heat depending on the dish that you would like to grill. Expensive meat cuts like rib eye or sirloin should be cooked at high heat, while sausages or chicken are best cooked when the heat is low. Always remember that heat could make your grilled dish half raw. It looks overcooked on the outside but raw on the inside, and this should not happen!

It slowly but surely does the trick. When you cook slowly, the dish would likely be cooked thoroughly, and this will make the dish be indeed fully cooked.

Another essential thing to remember is that you should not move the food around very frequently. If you see the meat, for instance, is still sticks into the grill, it only means that you have to cook it even more.

You are better off if you cook “dark meat.”

Instead of cooking chicken breasts, choose those of the thigh part because they are juicier when grilled and that they cost a little cheaper.

Vegetables are a good thing

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When you add vegetables to the grilled dishes, it will definitely enhance the flavor of your dish. Brush it with oil, then grill, and this will make your grilled dishes more enjoyable to eat. Grilling these vegetables could add an herb-like taste to your grilled dish, which will complement it well. It would also be good if you chop those grilled veggies, then squeeze lime juice and chopped cilantro.
It would also be good when you put side dishes like potato salad, corn-on-the-cob, coleslaw. These small things on the plate definitely are a thing for food lovers.

Sauces would also enhance the grilled dish in a way that gives extra flavor to the palette. However, choosing the proper dressing for the dish would require some additional skill. One tip is you identify the dish first, then mix and serve the sauce.

Presentation, “resting period.”

When you present a portion of food in a certain way, it will make the grilled dish fun to look at, and it will excite one’s tummy. When grilled dishes are presented in a savorier look, chances are, you will get a lot of compliments. Garnishing and arranging the sauce and side dishes well is a plus!

What about the “resting period?” When grilling, it is essential to note that it will make the grilled tastier if you will let it sit in 10 minutes. Why? Because the juices will be redistributed evenly. When this happens, it creates a flavorful dish that you would definitely want to eat.
Whether it’s fried, baking, or grilled, one thing is for sure when cooking, and that is, “the right mix” is in—cooking tools, ingredients, and the right skill and dedication to making a sumptuous meal.


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When grilling, patience and labor of love are also important because it does take time and practice to be a pro griller. If you feel stuck and don’t know where to start, there are lots of sources online that can help you out, such as TheSmokerReviews. Just don’t forget to practice a variety of recipes and cooking techniques, and you’re on your way to be a professional.

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