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7 Ways to Recover Funds from Common Online Frauds

Millions of people have experienced an online scam at some point in their life. The first thing that occupies their mind in those moments is whether they can get their money back. This is a very challenging situation, however, there are some steps that can be taken. The first thing …

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How to Recover Lost Data from a PC That Won’t Boot

Troubleshooting a PC that won’t boot is frustrating, but the panic of losing data is far worse. If you cannot boot your PC or do not have a backup, do not freak out as you have a few options. You can implement some measures like change the BIOS settings and …

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Is It Possible to Recover Data for Free?

Even the most important files that have been secured by a data security protocol and managed diligently to ensure no data loss events occur are not safe from accidental deletion or unknown loss. It has been seen that most of the data loss events are due to our negligence and …

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