How Much Does a Top Car Accident Lawyer Charge Per Hour?

Car accident lawyers are experts and professionals who are dedicated to this type of case only, and they provide exceptional services to their clients. As far as we know, most legal experts would charge per hour, but there are those who charge for a complete service after the case is closed. If you’ve been in an accident, you know how challenging it can be to prove you are innocent, or to get the justice you deserve. Many people don’t want to spend time on that, and they settle for less, which is not something we recommend. At least you can do is pursue compensation, especially if you were hurt, or your car or bike is really damaged. The recovery process is also long and traumatic, and you shouldn’t settle for less.

What to do if you have a car accident?

We are sure that in the first moments it is a huge shock for you. So you should call the police, ambulance, and your legal representative first. Even if it is certain that you are the victim and the other participant is guilty, do not take any action until the lawyer arrives.

Of course, one of the worries is whether you can afford to pay for the lawyer. In this case, you should ask for a personal injury lawyer or car accident attorney. You can check more here on this, so you can learn about the options you have, as a victim of a car accident case. Without a lawyer, you will not be able to exercise all your guaranteed rights. Victims are often the target of manipulation, so it is good to have a representative in such cases.

How much do car accident lawyers cost?


Every legal representative has a price list and most often, ideally, the price of the service is 33% of the amount of compensation. However, at certain times they represent the victims free of charge or charge a fee of 20-25% of the agreement.

Of course, this is different for different lawyers or in different countries. The costs they calculate are based on court costs, investigation, reports, courier services, documents, medical reports, as well as other additional costs that can not be predicted in advance.

Depending on the length of the case, all of this can be more expensive or cheaper than 33% of the total cost of the service. Therefore, we can say that prices are flexible and that it depends on the severity of the case or the methods used to conduct the investigation.

At Loewy Law Firm, we understand the financial burden that car accidents can cause, which is why we offer flexible payment options to ensure that you can afford quality legal representation without breaking the bank.

Payment according to hours worked

Many lawyers decide that hourly rates are always the best and fairest option for both them and their clients. So, their price can range between 100 and 500 dollars per hour. Some lawyers insist on fixed costs or the same price per hour, no matter how much work is done in that one hour.

However, although it is expensive, it is always better to hire a lawyer, instead of trying to negotiate with other participants or insurance companies yourself.

What you need to know is that there are agents who would charge up to 50% of the deal. In such cases, you really need to find good lawyers, who will help you get the best deal possible as a damaged party.

Usually, the first consultations are free, so that the client can decide if it is worth cooperating with that representative.

In some cases, the client already has a legal representative who pays regularly and all of these things go much easier.

What is a contingency fee?


This is a modern and practical way of calculating legal fees. Instead of paying a fixed amount, you can find agents who work on a contingency fee. What does that mean? The client pays a certain percentage only if the lawyer successfully wins the case, ie if you receive compensation or a good agreement, or if you win a court.

In fact, this is what we mentioned, that they charge a third of the full amount. Ideally, it is just over 33%, but in practice, it is not more than 30%.

In general, the lawyer decides if they will charge a fixed rate, an hourly rate, or they will include this contingency fee in the expense calculation.

The fees may vary

Every case is different, and there are many conditions that may affect the final price. When it comes to a contingency fee, most of the time they charge 1/3 of the settlement amount if it doesn’t go above one million dollars or up to 40% for bigger deals. But, it all depends on the attorney’s office and their prices in general.

Also, be ready for additional costs and fees, or additional sessions before the trials. Preparing for the trials is also an expense. We know that it can be a lot, but that’s how lawyers earn money and grow as professionals.

There are also bad sides to contingency fees since that’s a lot of money to spend at once. That’s a huge expense for the victims who have big medical bills, but there is a catch – if the victim doesn’t recover after a year or two, the attorney won’t get paid. So, there are cons for both victims and attorneys in this case. But, we all know that no one can ever get over the case, and come up with a winner, if they don’t hire a car accident lawyer.



Every price is negotiable nowadays. It benefits all the parties included in the process. Try to build a healthy relationship with your lawyer, so you can get most of the case, eventually. Also, many attorney offices won’t negotiate the prices, because that may open many other issues in the future. So, the only way to know you are doing things right is to hire a professional, who knows how to handle the particular case. Any other choice comes with a huge risk for you.

And this is probably all you have to know about this. Be careful, and never talk to anyone before the attorney arrives.

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