5 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Marijuana Seeds Online

Marijuana is gaining in popularity around the world, and many people are working to make it legal. Years of research have been conducted to determine whether cannabis has positive or harmful effects on humans, but scientists have yet to conclude. The good news is that marijuana can help to delay the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. It’s also possible that THC messes with your balance and makes you feel queasy. These side effects, though, are close to the end.

Purchasing items online is far riskier than purchasing them in a physical store. And, like anything else, there are several blunders to avoid when buying marijuana seeds online.

E-commerce has progressed to the point where we can now buy almost anything online. However, in the realm of internet purchasing, there are still specific concerns.

ECommerce is the bread and butter for many brands and businesses looking to get their product out there for everyone to see. Naturally, it would benefit them if they provided their customers with high-quality service and products.

When it comes to buying bulk marijuana seeds, the situation is no different. Cannabis is becoming increasingly popular in the United States and Canada. Many states and provinces have fully legalized cannabis use for both recreational and medicinal purposes.

And a slew of new brands and businesses have emerged in the online world. Naturally, it is prudent to become familiar with the mistakes to avoid when purchasing bulk marijuana seeds.

This article will cover the most critical aspects of online seed shopping, so take the time to read it all. Let us begin without further ado.

1. Never Boast About It


Assume you live in a state or territory with no fully legalized or decriminalized cannabis use, making it a criminal offense.

If this is the case, the first error to avoid is failing to keep your online purchasing history hidden from the authorities. Because the government can track your every purchase, it’s best if you can hide it in some way.

But you shouldn’t be concerned about your bank history; instead, you should be worried about how well you cover up your online purchasing history.

The first thing people do that gets them into trouble is brag about their latest purchase on social media. So, avoid making this mistake, as it is one of the dumbest ways to get caught in a country or province that still has a grudge against cannabis use.

2. Not Doing Your Research

It is safe to say that the industry is doing well, which only means one thing. There are numerous online dispensaries where you can purchase cannabis and cannabis-related products.

This, of course, makes the purchasing decision much more complicated than it should be. However, having too many options is not necessarily a bad thing. On the contrary, having fewer options reduces competitiveness, which usually results in more faulty products.

If dozens or hundreds of companies compete for your money, the competition will force these brands to create a better product.

However, as with anything, highly competitive markets have drawbacks. The disadvantage is that there will be companies that provide an inferior product and even worse purchasing experience. Some of these are genuinely shady and may even attempt to con you out of your money.

There is only one way to avoid making this mistake: do your research. If you research the best places to buy from, you will avoid making a costly mistake.

3. Payment Methods


Many cannabis seed sellers like i49 allow you to pay using a variety of payment methods. Almost all sellers accept credit or debit cards.

However, these are inherently linked to your bank accounts and can display the seller’s name. If you are not comfortable having this displayed on your monthly report, you will need to find a seller who accepts a different payment method.

This is more of a suggestion than a mistake. While you should never do business with sellers who use shady payment methods, you should also never use credit cards in states or provinces where cannabis is illegal.

4. Cannabis Seed Quality

It is important to note, especially for new growers, that the quality of cannabis seeds cannot be determined solely by their appearance. When it comes to germination, immature and older seeds, for example, have relatively low success rates. These can be planted, but they should never be bought.

Healthy seeds are dark brown and have a glossy, crack-free appearance. The shell must also be solid and should not shatter even when subjected to minor strain. They should be kept in a dark, airtight, and chilly environment.

5. Never Buy Regular Seeds


There are primarily two sorts of seeds available for purchase online. Regular seeds and feminized seeds are available. Auto-flowering seeds are the third variety progressively gaining popularity, but we will not discuss them here.

You should never order ordinary seeds because you have no way of knowing whether the plant will develop to be male or female.

Male plants are entirely useless. Feminized, or female, seeds would be excellent. Feminized seeds are only available in female varieties and are intended for use in home gardens.

Feminized seeds are genetically modified to provide the most excellent possible results for the grower.

That isn’t to suggest that male plants aren’t helpful, but you can’t propagate them from their seeds. So, if you want to have a consistent supply of seeds that can be grown repeatedly, avoid buying ordinary seeds and opt for feminized seeds instead.

Things to remember before Ordering Bulk

If you live in a state or province where cannabis is illegal, it’s best not to order in quantity. However, if cannabis is entirely legal in your state or region, you are free to do so. When ordering in bulk, there is one more costly mistake to avoid. That is why it is critical only to use reliable websites such as i49.

Bottom Line

When purchasing marijuana seeds in bulk, keep these mistakes in mind. It will assist in ensuring that the desired results are obtained, regardless of the type of seed or strain purchased.

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