How Important Is Breathing for Your Overall Health

Inhale! Take a deep breath. Exhale. It’s that easy. Breathing means you’re alive. For the most part, we breathe without even thinking about it. It’s a reflex. It’s a good thing we have it, as we rely on breathing heavily. It is the life force of our bodies. Without oxygen, we cannot live. The human body has many functions. The essential one is breathing. It’s so basic that even newborns know how to do it from the get-go. There’s a thing called the first breath, and a baby takes it the moment it is taken out of its mother’s womb.

When you’re not feeling well you can clear your mind by taking a few deep breaths, And sometimes some of the health hiccups are handled by normalizing your breathing. Many people don’t know but proper breathing does wonder for your muscle strength. It could do even more if you knew how to do it properly. By no you must be wondering, what does that even mean? Breathing normally. Is there another way to breathe? As we said, we do it as a reflex which doesn’t mean we do it the best way possible.


No, and this is something you need to think about. By learning how to breathe the right way you can improve many body and mind functions. Yes, you heard that right. It’s possible to improve your breathing. This shouldn’t surprise you. For example, Cooper Cupp learned how to run properly after an anterior cruciate ligament injury, and we’re talking about a professional athlete who rediscovered some of his movements later in his career. The same thing can be done for breathing. Even if we do it each day since our birth, it still can be improved. No, it’s important to improve it as it carries immense health benefits.

There are many people already working or have created methods that can help in this domain. One of the new, but amazing approaches to the issue can be found here if you’re interested. Breathing properly has become vital, especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, which left many people battling lung issues and respiratory problems. Now, more than ever it is vital to understand how important breathing is for your overall health. In the few paragraphs below we’re going to explore this subject. Please, keep on reading.

The Importance of Breathing


First of all, taking in oxygen and exhaling out carbon-dioxide fuels our bodies with energy. Every cell in our body relies on oxygen and through breathing, we supply the cells with the much-needed gas. The cells in question keep our body moving and healthy, and require a constant supply line of oxygen. In addition to bringing in the much-needed energy supplies, through this process we also release some harmful substances. It is an equivalent exchange similar to the one we see in the principles of alchemy in FullMetal Alchemist. Our bodies create a lot of residue and toxins and some of them are released when we breathe out.

If these toxins were to be left in our bodies the health issues would come out to the surface pretty fast. All of this happens out of the free will of our bodies which are programmed to function this way. This is what makes breathing so interesting. It does so much for our bodies and organisms and we still do it unconsciously. So, yes, it is mother nature who made us like this, and after years of evolution, we take in oxygen which in return pumps our blood that runs through every corner of our bodies, making us the perfect machines we are, without a need to pre-install any equipment.


But, what many people seem to ignore is the rhythm in which we breathe. We have a certain speed when we sleep, when we work, when we work out, and when we’re resting. You can influence the speed at which you bread depending on the activity you’re doing. You could also slow it down and speed up a notch even if you’re sitting. Breathing can be manipulated to aid your development. But, you could also do it poorly as we said. You should know that you’re not breathing well if you often experience shortness of breath. Also, it’s not wise to hold your breath, run out of breath, or breathe too short. The constant feeling that you need deep and long breaths is also a sign that you’re not doing it well. So, it’s vital to do it well, and have a constant focus on the whole process that comes naturally to all of us. To ensure that you listen to us, we’re going to list a few benefits of breathing properly below. Please remember them the next time when you experience some breathing issues.

Benefits of Breathing Right


First of all, as we said, oxygen that we breathe is distributed to our cells and especially the blood cells. What this means is that it can influence our blood pressure. When you’re not feeling well, taking deep breaths can take your blood pressure down. It is a great thing that you can do this naturally without having to take any medicine. Furthermore, if you’re already having some breathing issues such as asthma or bronchitis it could help you ease the symptoms. Some aspects of any breathing disease can be handled through proper breathing. While our physical health is important, these days more and more people fight mental issues, and mental health has become the focus of many treatments.

It’s fun to think that a process that we do naturally can help relieve such conditions as anxiety, loneliness, and even depression. Yes, it can’t cure some of these conditions when they’re ingrained deep, but with the early symptoms, proper breathing can do wonders, especially in the case of anxiety. The next time when you’re not feeling well, and are anxious about a thing you just need to focus on your breathing. Also, various types of tensions and headaches can be handled this way. The easiest and the most natural way there is.

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