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Throughout the Internet you will find an abundance of information on nearly every subject imaginable. Unfortunately a great deal of this information is often unclear, or there are so many advertising banners spread all over the Web page that it is difficult to get to what we really need.

Here, at our Knowledge Center, as is the case throughout our Web site, we have provided clearly defined basic answers to basic questions about such topics as the Internet, the World Wide Web, E-mail, networking, Windows and a whole lot more.

Of course, you won’t find the answer to every conceivable question, but what you will find are clear answers and tips that will make your use of your computer a more pleasurable experience.

MS-DOS A Computer Basics A The Internet and Email
The Basics   What does BIOS mean?   Internet Basics
What is a Config.sys file?   ACPI Compliant BIOS?   What is the World Wide Web?
What is an Autoexec.bat file?   What is CMOS?   What is a URL?
Basic MS-DOS Commands   What is Firmware?   What is SMTP?
All MS-DOS Commands   What is Ram?   What is POP or POP3?
MS-DOS Memory Basics   What is Rom?   What is MIME?
What is ASCII?   What is Virtual Memory?   What is IMAP?
What does Binary mean?   What is the difference between Memory and Disk Storage?   What is FTP?
What are Character Sets?   What are Bits and Bytes?   What is Anonymous FTP?
Character Set Comparisons   What is a Kilobyte?   Common FTP Commands
    What is a Megabyte?   What does ISO 8859 mean?
Windows Basics   What is a ESCD?   What is Unicode?
Shortcut Keys       Internet Explorer Shortcuts
    Microsoft Office Tips    
    Access   Basics Networking Terms
    Excel   What is a Lan, Wan, Man?
    FrontPage   What does ATM mean?
    Outlook   What is PPP?
    PhotoDraw   What is Telnet?
    PowerPoint   What is Ethernet?
    Project   What does TCP/IP mean?
    Publisher   What does IPX mean?
    Word   What is Bandwidth and Latency?
        What does IEEE mean?

Over time, our Knowledge Center will expand to cover nearly ever subject that our customers pose to us each and every day. If you have a topic that you would like to see added, please feel free to send us an email about the subject.

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