Comfort and Support: The Benefits of Compression Gloves for Arthritis

If your body is feeling a constant issue like swelling in the hand joints followed by stiffness, there are many things that you have to ponder upon. The swelling and stiff movements in the hand are early signs of potential rheumatoid arthritis. When you are sure of your condition, you should begin taking your health seriously and implementing the necessary routine changes.

The therapists and medical experts suggest using arthritis gloves for the patients. They can help with the symptoms; once you slip them, you will see a noticeable difference in the pain and swelling. They ensure that you can do your daily activities better.

Decoding The True Use Of Compression Gloves

Arthritis gloves have another name that is compression gloves. The second name suggests their role, which is to compress or apply pressure on the hands that help in increasing the blood flow in the target area. Also, it helps in improving the hand’s temperature.

If you touch these gloves, you will know they are usually made of thick and firm fabric. The fabric contains lycra, covering the whole hand and some parts of the hand. So, they cover the mid-forearm and the 3/4th part of the fingers.

Now, you might be thinking about why the fingers are exposed even though they refuse to function. It is because the fingertip functions only when the finger functions. The glove covers the finger, and hence, the movement will be restored. But you have to replace them every 4-6 months. Hence, using them is not a very pocket-friendly process as the replacement requirements are at a standstill and recurring. A good pair is available at a beginning price of $20. The prices can go up based on your requirements. Hence, you should see the options that work for you and your budget.

They are prescribed to be worn at night in some cases as they help reduce the stiffness that tends to occur in the hands in the morning.

Advantages Of Compression Gloves For Arthritis Patients

Arthritis is a prominent disorder prevalent in more than 50 million adults. So, the figure amounts that every 1 out of 5 people above 18. These hand covers can help improve the condition in the following ways:

Pain Relief

The basic function or advantage of wearing these gloves is that they help relieve pain. When people suffer from this problem, they see issues popping up while they do their daily activities like driving, eating, etc. They can help in managing chronic pain and also focus on gradual movement.

Proper Blood Flow

When you wear them, they focus on improving the functioning of the nerves, and the main focus is around the arms and legs. They focus on the target area and help in reducing conditions that can give rise to problems like impairment in hand and leg functioning.

The gloves ensure increased circulation. However, you can be sure of this result only when wearing the glove with the correct fit. An imperfect glove fit is useless, and you will do more bad to the condition of your hands than any good.

Easy Using

The gloves are medically tested before the doctors recommend them and are available in the market. Hence, apart from being qualitative, they ensure that they offer easy use. Basically, the gloves are recognized as gloves that can help make people’s lives easier and, eventually, help them get rid of the physical limitations that tend to occur because of this medical condition.

There is one thing that you need to note, which is whether the gloves are covering the finger joints or not. They will benefit you if they are covering the joints and not otherwise.


They can improve the movement and condition of the hands, and hence, the normal movement of these body parts can be ensured. Rheumatoid arthritis enhances the difficulty levels of proper movement in the body, which can be restored with the help of qualitative gloves.

No Side Effects To The Use

Usually, medicines for any issue can have side effects for any condition or person. All human bodies are different, and they react to medicines differently. The reactions can be different, too. They may or may not occur. But in all capacities, these fluctuations do not occur when you use gloves as a part of the treatment. It is the best for those who cannot afford a potential ill impact.

Tips For Maximum Relief

There are two tips that you can follow to ensure that you gain the maximum health benefits while wearing the gloves:

  • You should see that the gloves fit you well. Any misfit related to tight or loose gloves will not help you render the potential benefits. If you are unsure about the fit, you can contact your therapist.
  • You can follow the 8-hour rule. Anything less than that won’t work in improving the condition.

Results After Wearing The Gloves

The gradual changes, and you can see slight differences anytime between 10-12 weeks. They witness changes in pain, functioning of the hand, and also, in stiffness. They improve satisfaction and help to generate a positive feeling amongst the patients as they see improved hand symptoms. Also, the warmth generated through the gloves helps in improving movement.

The active ingredient that makes these options a hit amongst patients is their ability to offer increased pressure. The research suggests that compression gloves are emerging as new solutions for treating arthritis. Their availability in different fabrics like cotton, light wool, and nylon enhances people to choose the ones that their bodies, especially the hands, feel the most comfortable with. Also, the firm fitting of the gloves, followed by a trusted use for many people, is a great choice for better results.


Compression gloves are a simple remedy to treat arthritis. However, you should discuss the same with your doctor and pay attention to whatever tips they recommend regarding these gloves. Also, you should ensure that you invest in good quality ones whenever they need a replacement without any second thoughts.

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