4 Ways Keno Fans Choose Their Hot Numbers to be a Winner

In this day and age, we have an opportunity to take part in more gambling games than ever before. Just think about it, this is possible due to the accessibility, which is much higher than it has ever been. We can credit this possibility to the introduction of the internet back in the late nineties. The concept started back then.

Besides that, we can see that practically all the gambling sites out there have a high number of games to choose from. If you want to take a look at one of these websites, be sure to take a look at So, you can take a look at a high number of them before you can choose the one that fits your preferences perfectly.

One of the games that attract significant attention from a high number of players out there is Keno. It differs from a vast majority of games out there. Maybe that’s the key reason for its success. Now, we want to address a couple of ways Keno players choose their numbers hoping they will be victorious.

1. Superstition


Without any doubt, the commonest criteria for choosing a number to play on Keno is superstition. There are numerous things this can be done. For instance, we all know that the number 13 is unlucky for many. But there’s no concrete reason why this is the case. Also, the number 7 is predominant when it comes to lucky numbers.

Once again, there is nothing we can say that confirms why this happens. At the same time, we can see that many use some significant anniversaries in their life or a life of their families. Whatever the case, these do not need any sort of explanation. People hold these numbers important to them and they believe they bring them luck.

The key element is that these numbers may satisfy your needs by providing certain comfort. It’s like we are aware of what they represent to us and that is the reason why using them is significant for us. Of course, when someone uses these numbers and has a successful run, there’s no better feeling than this one.

2. Consecutive Numbers

Another approach many people utilize is choosing consecutive numbers. As you probably know, the numbers that are drawn during the sessions are completely random. The algorithm pulls numbers without any logical reason. So, we can see that keno is probably one of the games that heavily rely on old lady luck.

So, it doesn’t have any point in choosing some consecutive numbers at first sight. However, we can see that there are many studies done on this game that say that choosing consecutive ones can play a big role in being successful. These studies were conducted thoroughly and there’s some solid evidence that this is the case.

Therefore, those who are aware of this potential are always trying to include some of these when they create their combinations. These studies show that this method is accurate in roughly 50% of chances. When you understand that this is a complete game of chance, you will see why so many people are utilizing this approach as much as possible.

3. Sticking to Similar Combinations


One of the most prevalent approaches in the world of keno is sticking to a couple of numbers and changing only a handful of them. There are many players out there who do not change their combinations ever. While we can understand why so many people do this, we don’t believe it is the right approach.

We mean, the combination you have is bound to win at some point, right? Besides that, we can agree on the fact that there’s more chance to hit the existing one if you try it several times than changing your combinations constantly. Naturally, this doesn’t mean that you should not change at least something from time to time.

4. Not the Winning Ones


The next approach we want to emphasize can be described as some sort of superstition, but when you take a closer look at it, you will see that this is not the case. We are talking about playing numbers that haven’t won since you started playing. When you think about it, there’s some logic behind making this decision.

Naturally, that doesn’t mean you will be successful with this one. The algorithm doesn’t work that way. But, we’re inclined to say that having this way of thinking is not necessarily a bad one. For instance, many players believe that numbers between eighteen and twenty-five are the commonest ones.

That’s why they will not play them if they see them on the scoreboard. Some have a different approach, they make their combination filled with those that haven’t been seen on the scoreboard, but they add some of these hot numbers. That way, they believe they can make a combination that works perfectly.

Choose Reliable Casinos

Finally, we want to address an important matter. We cannot stress enough how crucial it is to find a reliable online casino where you can play Keno. While this may not seem significant at first, we can see that not only that you can prevent many headaches, but you can also count on the lower house edge.

Naturally, finding a website where you can expect all these benefits is not going to be easy. You need to invest several hours before you can accomplish that. For instance, be prepared to read numerous online reviews before finding the one that suits your needs and preferences perfectly.

Besides that, it is of the essence to play a website that will not scam its visitors. Since this is quite a big industry, there are many of those whose main purpose is to scam players. Therefore, you will need to conduct thorough research before you can find the website where you can play Keno and have peace of mind.


Choosing Keno numbers might seem like a random set of events for many. However, many players have their logic when they make these combinations. Here, you can find some approaches many of them utilize when they do that.

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