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Application Builders: 8 Easy Tools for Beginners

How often do you use mobile apps to perform certain tasks? You probably do this more and more every year. For example, when you are going on a road trip to Florida, it will be easy for you to book a rental car with through your smartphone. Now you don’t have to look for a great deal on dozens of websites. You just install the car rental app and enjoy a great all-in-one service.

Yes, mobile apps provide fast, seamless, and simplified customer interactions with easy accessibility. The number of smartphone owners in the world is constantly increasing and today it’s 5.29 billion people. At the same time, 70% of customers prefer to place orders via a smartphone without being tied to desktop devices. In this regard, mobile applications are needed for any serious business.

However, developing applications from scratch takes more than one month. Moreover, it’s an expensive procedure. Fortunately, today many convenient constructors allow you to quickly get your own application that meets all the requirements and business tasks.

Well, if you want to create an application but don’t know which software to use, check out the following handy programs…


Buildfire is a handy interactive builder designed for rapid mobile app development. It’s great for creating applications for business, fitness and education centers, and various events. Buildfire allows you to save time, enjoy the high quality and reliability of the application, and manage it in the future without developers. No coding is required, as the Buildfire team takes care of all the backend development work.


  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Online application preview
  • Over 150 plugins in the Buildfire store
  • Many ways to monetize the app
  • Buildfire’s own analytics, integration with Google Analytics and other services
  • Lots of training materials and courses, as well as excellent technical support
  • Affiliate program


With GoodBarber, you can quickly and easily develop both classic business applications and applications for online stores on Android and iOS. GoodBarber will also help you create a user-friendly mobile version of your website.

This is the tool with the most impressive themes. Here you will find one of the most advanced feature sets such as networking, chat, geofencing, and iBeacon. GoodBarber makes it especially easy to build an e-commerce application.


  • Long 30-day trial period and high-quality user interface
  • Lots of beautiful themes for customizing the application without coding
  • Many options for an online store: automatic authorization, delivery zones, payment through the application, time slots, push notifications, chat
  • Convenient statistics on orders, average bill, source of sales
  • Lots of training materials


Mobile games are as popular as apps, and their development is also a challenge for programmers. GameSalad is a constructor for creating simple mobile games for iOS, Android, and HTML5 without coding. Basically, the program is aimed at those who are just starting to learn game development programming. You can use the service to quickly create models and prototypes of future games.


  • Uncomplicated visual programming interface
  • Lots of sound effects, music tracks, character behavior options
  • Application testing
  • Individual student discounts
  • Convenient tutorials, forum, and support service


Mobincube is a service for the rapid development of any business, education, health, or home application. The builder allows you to monetize apps, add push notifications and Google maps, embed databases, and integrate Google Analytics. In addition, the service provides access to the source code, which makes it possible to amend an already finished application.


  • Free plan with unlimited number of apps to create
  • Convenient visual interface with interactive pages and elements
  • Lots of beautiful templates
  • Unlimited possibilities for customizing the application
  • Educational materials and forum


AppInstitute is a service for developing applications without any coding. It allows you to create simple apps for restaurants, beauty salons, medical centers, fitness centers, coffee shops, etc. Additionally, you can order an individual application development from an AppInstitute specialist.


  • Lots of business templates with pre-installed options
  • An excellent set of services for business applications: loyalty program for regular customers, online payments, social media integration, push notifications
  • Fast and responsive technical support
  • Affiliate program


iBuildApp is a service for the rapid development of Android and iOS mobile applications without programming skills. You can create, test, update applications, embed tests and RSS, add audio and video content.


  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Multifunctional project management system
  • Full project customization, 35 built-in widgets, open-source engine
  • Lots of templates for online stores, fitness centers, restaurants, car dealerships, schools, nonprofits, and more
  • App download and usage analytics
  • Affiliate program is an easy-to-use cloud builder for creating low-code mobile applications. It allows you to quickly and easily build mobile and web applications by simply dragging and dropping items onto the workspace. Writing your own JavaScript code is available for developers as well.


  • The unified codebase for App Store, Google Play, and web versions of the application
  • Integrated back-end services: cloud database, authentication, push notifications, etc.
  • Multilevel access to the project for colleagues, employees and customers
  • Detailed manual


AppsGeyser is a fast, simple, and free app builder for any purpose. The application makes it possible to create, download, distribute, and monetize a readymade application even without coding and programming knowledge. The service takes 50% of advertising revenue, so the company is interested in the client’s success. If needed, you can remove ads for a small monthly fee.


  • 35 free templates for business, games, and entertainment
  • The ability to create not only mobile applications but also messengers, games, browsers, video chats, photo editors, etc.
  • Simple and clear tutorials, regularly updated knowledge base, step-by-step guides
  • Active community, responsive technical support

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