6 Ways To Make Extra Income With Virtual Currencies

In today’s world, there is no such thing as having more money than you need. With inflation rates rising every year, the standard of living has also risen. Everyone is searching for a means to supplement their income in some manner. It may be to get that beautiful expensive outfit you have been eyeing or to finance a long relaxing vacation. Making money using virtual currencies is not a new thought, but it has grown in popularity in recent years. Cryptocurrencies, a type of virtual currency, are one of the most popular methods of making extra money.

What is Virtual Currency?

Virtual currency can be defined as a kind of digital currency. It is stored and used through mobiles, computers, and software. The main feature of virtual currencies is that they are unregulated. The main feature of virtual currencies is that they are unregulated. Any private organization or group can issue them. They are not necessarily recognized as fiat money. The primary difference between digital currency and virtual currency is that digital currency refers to all the currencies in digital form, making the virtual currency a type of digital currency.

Types of Virtual Currencies


Open virtual currency

Also known as convertible currency, the open virtual currency can be bought and sold. It can be converted into other types of money, even fiat money. For example, cryptocurrencies can be bought using fiat money. Bitcoin and Ethereum, types of cryptocurrency, can be exchanged with each other or sold to another person for profit.

Closed virtual currency

Closed virtual currency does not have the privilege of buying and selling with fiat money. It does not have any real connection with the outside world. These currencies can only be traded in the environment they were created for. For example, currencies used in different games. One can use your gaming currency in the game but cannot convert it into real money.

Benefits of Virtual Currency


Virtual currencies have many benefits. Some of them are:

  • Virtual currencies have less transaction cost and more transaction speed. They can be easily and quickly transacted even to the other end of the world.
  • Since they are wholly electronic, there is no hassle of storing them physically.
  • Decentralized virtual currencies remove the middlemen, thus giving freedom to the owner.

About Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is the most prominent type of virtual currency. It is a decentralized and secure form of money that works on blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency gained popularity in recent years, with its net worth reaching trillions. There are several advantages to using cryptocurrencies, such as high transaction speed, anonymity, security, and easy profits. The downsides include price volatility, high power consumption (during mining), and the ease with which illegal activities can be carried out.

Ways to Make Extra Income With Virtual Currencies


There are many ways of making extra income with virtual currencies, especially cryptocurrencies. Some of them include:

1. Trading

Much like stock market trading, crypto trading involves buying and selling cryptos for profits. The process is simple. Buy the coins from an exchange, hold them for some time, and sell them as soon as the price goes up. Stay up to date on market news, choose exchanges with low cost, and instead of betting on just one type of cryptocurrency, combine a few of them to prevent losses. If you are looking for trading and investing platform, click here.

2. Buying and Hodling

Buying and hodling is the classic and most prevalent way of earning money from cryptocurrencies. Buy the assets that are stable and go through regular price fluctuations. The volatility of the market plays a big role in this method. Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum are considered the safest option for this. The crypto market is volatile enough that prices of these currencies fall and rise regularly. Keep an eye out for the highest possible rise in value and sell them.

However, if you are looking for a long-term investment, hodling (a slang term for holding) might be your best strategy. With the current status of cryptos, it is safe to say that the prices will only increase in the future. Buy now and wait for the value to grow several times before selling.

3. Staking


There are two ways of verifying the blocks – Proof of Work (verified by mining) and Proof of Stake (verified by staking). Staking is quite similar to the lottery. In staking, you cannot spend the coins you already own. Those coins are, instead, locked into your crypto wallet and used for verifying the transactions. You receive the reward for lending your coins in the form of additional coins. It is similar to what a bank gives as interest on a person’s bank balance. The proof of stake network selects based on the number of coins. The more coins a person has and has allocated for staking, the better his or her chances of being picked.

4. Mining

Mining is another common way of making money from cryptocurrencies. Mining involves verifying transactions taking place in blockchains using specialized equipment and earning cryptocurrencies as rewards. The equipment solves complex mathematical problems to verify the transactions. The only downsides to this method are that it doesn’t work for all cryptocurrencies and takes time.

5. Taking payments in Cryptos

With the increasing prevalence of cryptos, more and more people are willing to pay and receive cryptocurrencies instead of traditional methods. If you own a business, start accepting payments in cryptos. This will not only increase your earnings (because of price fluctuations) but also make your payment system simple. The payments will be secure and hassle-free. And you can always exchange your cryptocurrency for fiat money if you want.

6. Dividends


Earning dividends on cryptocurrencies is similar to earning dividends in the share market. You buy a dividend cryptocurrency and hold it for a certain period to earn dividends. Not all cryptocurrencies pay dividends, so you have to find one that pays them annually. Cryptocurrencies like NEO and Decred pay extra coins as dividends annually.

Final Words

While cryptocurrency is not the only virtual currency in the market, it is the most popular and profitable currency. Investing in cryptocurrency is a safe and quick way of making extra money.

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