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Eliminate Stress, Fatigue and Tiredness with Essential Oils

In our daily life, where stress and lack of time sometimes dominate, fatigue sets in quickly. Whether physical or mental, chronic or persistent, fatigue can have various more or less disabling consequences for our quality of life (stress, irritability, lack of motivation, lack of concentration, weight gain, etc.).

In certain cases, it can even lead to a generalized state of exhaustion and require a true diagnosis. Today I will give you some actions to be able to combat fatigue, tiredness, and stress in a natural way before you must analyze which of the aforementioned symptoms you have, and depending on this choose one of the options that I will recommend.

Several simple and effective essential oil synergies serve to fight fatigue. Here I will give you detailed information that will help you to recognize the different types of fatigue (chronic, temporary…) to combat them in the most optimal way. You will also find at the end of the file our tips and suggestions to simply avoid fatigue on a daily basis.

Without further ado let’s get started!

Palo Santo essential oil or Mint essential oil against persistent fatigue

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Probably one of the best essential oils to combat general fatigue. Remedy as simple as it is effective! Palo Santo essential oil and Peppermint essential oil are good options to get rid of fatigue and tiredness.

Palo santo oil is known as a great natural soothing and relaxing as its pleasant aroma to citrus woody with a slight scent of mint helps stimulate our senses helping to relax the body and recharge it with energy. It also has great properties such as limonene which acts as a strong antioxidant, antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal agent.

How to use? 1 drop of Palo Santo or peppermint essential oil to dilute in 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil or honey. 2 times a day in the morning and at noon as a one-week cure.

Warning: This recipe should not be used by pregnant or lactating women, children under 12 years of age, the elderly, epileptic or hypertensive, in case of liver disease.

Relaxing and anti-stress massage with essential oils against fatigue

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Ideal if you are stressed and have difficulty sleeping well. Stress is a very important factor in the state of fatigue. Relaxing is essential to recover well and increase your energy level!


  • 50 ml of hazelnut oil
  • 10 drops of fine lavender essential oil
  • 10 drops of Palo Santo essential oil
  • 15 drops of clary essential oil

Warning: This mixture should not be used by pregnant or lactating women or by children under 10 years of age.

How to use it? Mix all the ingredients in a 50 ml bottle and massage the upper chest or back a few hours before going to bed. Thanks to this massage you will find calm and serenity and you will be more relaxed to start a good night’s sleep. You can perform these massages every night before bed, especially in times of stress or severe fatigue.

Stimulating anti-fatigue blend to diffuse based on essential oils To recharge your body with good energy at home!

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  • 10 drops of ylang-ylang essential oil
  • 10 drops of Palo Santo essential oil
  • 10 drops of lemon essential oil
  • 10 drops of Ho Wood essential oil

Warning: This mixture should not be used by pregnant or lactating women or by children under 10 years of age.

How to use it? Pour 6-8 drops of the mixture into your diffuser and diffuse 3 times 30 minutes during the morning. You can also breathe this mixture directly onto a tissue when you are on the go. These two essential oils banish black thoughts and morning fatigue: they provide energy and a good mood throughout the day.

Toning massage to combat fatigue and boost your energy

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  • In a bottle of codigoutte, mix:
  • 20 drops of peppermint essential oil
  • 20 drops of Palo Santo essential oil (For more information about the palo santo visit >> EcuadorianHands)
  • 20 drops of black fir essential oil
  • 20 drops of Scots pine essential oil
  • 20 drops of basil essential oil
  • 10 ml of vegetable oil (jojoba or hazelnut)

Note: This synergy is contraindicated in the case of liver disorders, epilepsy, and cardiovascular or thyroid problems. We recommend medical advice for people with asthma. To prevent any risk of allergies, first taste the mixture on a small area of your skin (for example, the back of your hand).

Warning: This mixture should not be used by pregnant or lactating women or by children under 12 years of age.

How to use it? In massage: apply 4 drops of this mixture on the lumbar area, on the kidneys, and repeat the operation morning and noon for a week.


It is very important to know that each essential oil has its own and different properties, before using an essential oil remember to find out what it is for and what percentage it is. These synergies should not be used in pregnant women (during pregnancy), lactating women, and in children under 12 years of age.

These properties and modes of use do not constitute medical advice. For therapeutic use consult a doctor. Before applying any type of essential oil, place a drop in your hand to make sure you are not allergic or rule out any allergic reaction.

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