4 Different Types of Online Slots Explained

Slot games are most popular in online casinos. These are colorful themed games that hardly need any prior gaming knowledge. They do however belong to certain types, as per pay lines, bonuses, and other features. For those who are new to slots, it is a mind-boggling world of entertainment out there.

In the sections below we try and demystifies the world of slot games as per their types and features:

Categories of Online Slots


1. Paylines

As per pay lines, you find the following video slot categories:

3 Reel Slots

Las Vegas rose to be casino heaven with the popularity of classic 3 reel slots. These attract new players even today as they are fast and easy to learn. They are also easy to play and get payouts as well.

These are the vintage slot games, designed after the simplistic arcade machines of yesteryears. They are great for beginners. As is evident from the name, these slot games run on 3 reels or columns. Usually, payouts come about when three symbols of the same kind line up on the reels. Due to the few reels that move in these games, possible combinations are reduced. Variations are relatively high for payouts here. RNG algorithms in 3 reel online games are such that payouts are better on average than mechanical versions at gaming arcades.

5 Reel Slots

This is a popular variant in slot games, next to 3 reel ones. 5 reel slots can offer hundreds of ways for players to get payouts, as per RNG principles. Five reel slot games like the ones found on GambleOnline gained popularity in the world of digital casinos. Most online slot games are five-reel kinds these days. They are of different themes which make them attractive and popular.

With more paylines they help increase the odds of one’s wins. They also offer a range of bet placements. Bets also last longer and can get players higher payouts. A free spin is a defining feature in most slots. This in turn helps bring on more payouts. Also, such slots often combine features such as bet multipliers which help enhance payouts.

Multi Pay Line or Megaways Slots

Beyond three or five-reel games are the multi-pay line slots. Here players need not track bets per pay line since they are several. Usually, bet placement is simplified while pay lines are more. Also, symbols are usually matched across different directions.

One instance of multi-pay line slots is Megaways. This type of slot can include over 1000 pay lines. Hence, win combinations can occur more frequently. These games are designed using a reel modifier mechanism. It is a proprietary technology, first developed by Big Time Gaming. You will find Megaways slots of different brands. What is common in such titles are the ways symbols appear on reels on a given spin. Hence, these slots show up in many ways of winning.

2. Jackpots


This is the other category on which slot games can be distinguished. Broadly, there are slot games with fixed or progressive jackpots:

Fixed Jackpots

Jackpots in slot machines represent the maximum payout that they can award. There are slot machines that include a fixed maximum payout. Slot machines that have fixed jackpots usually mention the award prizes or maximum payouts in the terms and conditions. Usually, a maximum bet placed in a slot machine increases the chances of winning a fixed jackpot. Often it is linked to matching five of the rarest or high-value symbols on the reels. Payouts of the fixed kind are linked to 1000 or a maximum of 10,000 times your wager.

Progressive Jackpots

This is the other kind of jackpot that many slot games include. These are again divided into real-time jackpots that grow across a network of casinos. Again, there are local progressive jackpots that are confined to specific casinos only. In both kinds, the jackpots grow as people wager on the games. There is a maximum limit that the jackpots can reach. Also, they are again divided into multi-tiers.

Most casinos have separate sections dedicated to progressive jackpot games. Also, many of them have bet ranges that increase the likelihood of players landing at least one level of the jackpot.

Progressive jackpots are characterized by large prize sums. This can be in millions. For instance, the Mega Moolah slots game from Microgaming. This game has helped many lucky players land as much as ten million as prize money.

3. Mobile Slots


Nowadays best online slots in India are designed to adapt to the smaller screens of smartphones or tablets. That helps make gaming easy. For instance, slots that are mobile-friendly will have settings and operational panels adjusted to horizontal or longitudinal layouts of mobiles. As a result, gamers can play on the go. Also, with HTML5 technology, most video slots load easily on smartphones. Hence, one does not need to worry about loading time. This in turn ensures smooth spins and outcomes even when slots are run on mobile devices.

4. Slot Features

While video slots can be of different types, their features can be varied as well. Besides pay lines and jackpots, they usually incorporate the following features:

Wild and Scatter Symbols

These are special symbols that are found in most slot games. By definition, wilds help replace other symbols and form winning combinations. In certain slots, they can have special values or functions attached to them.

Scatter usually helps trigger free spins. Usually, three to five scatters help trigger free spins in slot games. However, the rules may vary from one slot to another. Also, they could also carry special payouts or other functions.

Bonus Features


These can be:

Free Spins

Usually, three or more scatters help activate free spins. These are additional rounds that players get for a given wager. They help increase the chances of landing wins.

Guessing Games

These are additional chances for players to double or quadruple their wins. One has to guess the card suit or card color in two simple rounds. Usually occurs after a win.


This is another common bonus feature. Slot games award multipliers in different ways. These help in multiplying base payout values by several times.


Slot games are increasing in variety every day. For beginners, it is best to start with basic or classic slots. These are simpler to understand and play. Those who are familiar with different types of slot games usually look forward to the complex and innovative gameplay. That is what most slot providers cater to at the different online casinos.

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