From Classic to Progressive ─ The Evolution of Online Slot Games

As with any technology today, people in the nineteenth century who played slot machines available then would be shocked to see what they’ve become and are capable of today.

Equally, players, today would be bored to death playing those slow-moving mechanical slots with only one pay line and a few symbols – play here.

Technology has really changed things, and slot machines have not been left behind. This article will look at the evolution of slot machines from the classic games to the progressive slot games we all love. Keep reading.

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A Brief History of Slot Machines

Charles August Fey invented the first slot machine in 1891, named the Liberty Bell. After the slot machine became popular, he created another one that allowed automatic payouts. The machine featured three mechanical reels and five symbols; Liberty Bell, horseshoes, spades, diamonds, and hearts.

The Liberty Bell symbol was the highest paying symbol, and it’s why the machine was named the Liberty Bell. It gained massive popularity, and other developers started making their slot machines using Fey’s concept.

In 1907, a manufacturer named Herbert Mills designed the Operator Bell slot machine that featured a classic design with a BAR symbol and several fruit symbols. The machine had three reels, and each had ten symbols. A lever was used to initiate a spin.

Money Honey was the first slot machine that operated electrically and could award 500 coins in a single spin. Video slot games were later introduced in the late 70s, and they became a hit paving the way for more technologically advanced slot games.


Progressive Slot Machines

Megabucks was the first progressive jackpot slot game. It was introduced in casinos in 1986 by International Game Technology (IGT). This was after the release of the Fortune Coin video slot. The jackpot winnings increased every time a player lost in the main game.

Classic Online Slot Games

The first online casino was introduced by Microgaming in 1994, along with the first online slot game. Classic online slot games much resemble the design of earlier slot machines with fruit and BAR symbols. Most of them have three reels and one to five pay lines.

Of course, the gameplay is simple, with minimal bonus features. Fruit Slots by Microgaming is one of the classic slots of the 1990s.


Online Progressives

Always looking to lead the way, Microgaming was the first developer to come up with an online progressive jackpot software. Cash Splash was the first online progressive slot game. It secured Microgaming as one of the most innovative developers in the world.

Different types of progressive slot games were released. They were easier to create as random number generators had already been a proven concept.

With the ongoing evolution of technology, slot providers could create slots with better graphics, unique features, and large payouts.

Thanks to the popularity of mobile phones, people are playing more slot games than ever. While software providers have brought classic slot games to modern times, they must remain innovative to maintain player engagement.

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