DataEraser, a Replacement for serofill by Quantum


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What is DataEraser?

DataEraser, developed by Quantum, is a comprehensive and easy to use utility that will completely erase all the information stored on an ATA or SCSI hard drive or partition. DataEraser overwrites all data including partitions, folders, directories, files, and file tables, dynamic drive overlays and boot record information.

DataEraser is more complete than reformatting or repartitioning a disk drive with your operating system, which only erases the pointer files for the data and does not perform any type of “low-level format”. DataEraser overwrites all viruses including boot sector viruses (when you choose to overwrite the entire drive). It will overwrite the entire drive no matter what BIOS capacity limitation the system may have.

(DataEraser replaces the Zero Fill [ZeroFill] utility previously available from Quantum.)

Notice: If you want to preserve any existing data, please backup your hard drive before running this utility. By clicking through to the download homepage, you acknowledge the fact that you are using this utility at your own risk!

DataEraser Download Homepage (dc20005.exe 1,25MB)

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