How Much Do Billboards Cost In New York Compared to Other Cities?

Billboards have come to be increasingly popular among big business houses and even small to medium scale entrepreneurs who aim to promote their business and gather more and more customers. Such billboards are used to market campaigns, products, services, a company as a whole, or a brand to increase its visibility among customers. One can typically see such billboards by the highways due to the fact that most pedestrians and drivers can easily view the contents from afar, and it is stored in their minds as they move to and fro around the city. is the one-stop destination to fulfill all your billboard requirements.

How effective are Billboards?

Billboards are quite effective to grab the attention of any passerby because of their size. Anyone can skip an internet advertisement, but when people are on the road, they cannot unsee a billboard ad. The location of such billboards also plays a significant role in attracting attention, as when these advertisements are visible on the highway, people tend to give more attention to them. Empty roads can seem pretty monotonous, and in that, if an advertisement suddenly pops up, it can be a refreshing new change for the driver; hence, it surely manages to grab their attention span. Such advertisements are visible throughout the day, so anyone passing by it can view it, unlike radio or television ads where viewers can only hear or see the ad a couple of times. The billboards work by creating awareness about the brand or campaign and targets a variety of customers across all ages and genders.

What is the average cost of a Billboard?


The average cost of a billboard can vary from company to company depending on its size, location, the combined traffic that the location faces every day, as well as the total estimate of population or people who are going to view the advertisement on a daily basis. Many companies quote billboard advertisements for a four-week-long period instead of charging it on a monthly basis. In addition to the advertisement fee, the customers also need to pay for producing the content on vinyl. Here, the quality of the print also comes into question, and it is chargeable to the customer according to the per square foot area of the vinyl. An estimate made by experts shows the average cost of advertising on a billboard to be $2,000 to $3,000.

For an advertisement in one of the most famous and busiest streets, Times Square in New York city also attracts quite a lot of tourists and pedestrians. Here, the average footfall ranges between 300,000 to 4,60,000. Every single day, the viewer impressions reach up to 1.5 million per day, making it one of the costly areas to place a billboard ad, but that fetches assured results. Anyone passing by Times Square is sure to view the billboard advertisements of companies that develop their brand value and enhance their goodwill. Getting an advertisement space is not easy in Times Square, and once there is a chance, the cost can vary between 5,000 USD to 50,000 USD. Although quite expensive, the effectiveness of these billboards is tenfold and manages to make an impact in the minds of an extensive number of passersby.

Cost Comparison with other Cities


The billboard advertising varies from city to city and might include some temporary discounted offers. The offers may be seasonal in nature or can depend on the exact location where the billboard is to be placed. In New York, the charge ranges between $3,000 to $20,000, whereas in Chicago, you can expect to pay a price of $3,000 that can go up to $12,000. Talking about Philadelphia, the initial charges are as low as $1,500 and can range up to $12,000. If you are planning to put up a billboard in San Francisco and Los Angeles, the initial cost can be $2,000 for both the cities and can range up to $12,000 and $15,000, respectively.

Additional Charges

When you are hiring a professional for your advertising needs pertaining to billboards, the expert will not only print the banner and put it up at your desired location. The chances are that you will also expect the professional to design the billboard according to your needs and requirements. This can cost you around $150 dollars or more, depending on your requirements. The material cost for preparing your billboard will also come into the picture and make an addition to the overall cost. Installing the billboard will incur a few hundred bucks as well, so you need to keep a check on all the charges that you need to pay for putting up your desired billboard.

  • Cost of Designing: The charges for designing the billboard will vary according to the kind of professional you are hiring for your work. If you opt for a freelancer for your billboard needs, the charges can start from $150, and for a professional design agency, you can incur around $500 or more.
  • Cost of Material: Mostly, the material used for billboards is vinyl that can cost you $1 or $1.50 per square foot.
  • Cost of Installation: the final task for the professional will be installing the billboard in place and ensuring that it stays in place for the time period assigned. The installation cost for the same varies from city to city and company to company.

What affects the Cost of Billboards?


There are basically three factors that influence the cost of Billboards for any city. They are:

  • Impressions: The count of people who see the advertisement, depending on how small or large it is in size, the visibility of the billboard, the pace at which people are passing by who view the ad, etc., all are included in impressions.
  • Demography: The segmentation of the billboard ad based on gender, age, as well as the level of earnings that each person has who passes by the ad is done which affects the cost of the billboard. A company will charge more for advertisements targeting the high-income level group of people.
  • Circulation: The entire volume of the population that passes by the Billboard advertisement can be termed as Circulation. This data is accumulated from transportation authorities, and it takes into account all those people who have passed by the ad, no matter if they have or have not seen the ad.

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