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5 Things To Know About Workplace Drug Testing In New York

Many companies often perform unannounced drug tests on their employees, so they can have a real picture of what’s happening among them all. In some industries this is mandatory, and others can do that occasionally, depending on the working policies. In general, in New York, the employer can’t test the …

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The Magic of New York at Christmas

Bells are ringing, and snow is falling, and yes! It is that time of the year, Christmas. Many things made us excited during this period, including the pine trees. New York is unique during Christmas because it has a magical touch compared to none. Growing up, some of us would …

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What to Know About Visiting NYC This Summer – 2023 Guide

New York City was one of the locations in the U.S. hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic, which makes sense given the high rate of international travel in and out of the city as well as the population density. It went through a difficult time, and as such, had some …

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How Much Do Billboards Cost In New York Compared to Other Cities?

Billboards have come to be increasingly popular among big business houses and even small to medium scale entrepreneurs who aim to promote their business and gather more and more customers. Such billboards are used to market campaigns, products, services, a company as a whole, or a brand to increase its …

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