Automatically Clear the Document Menu at Startup

Automatically Clear the Document Menu at Startup

There is a registry entry you can make to handle the recent documents (last 15) that appear on the documents menu, however it is truly a dangerous hack if user incorrectly. An easier method is as follows:

If you have an autoexec.bat file on your system:

In AUTOEXEC.BAT include this line: DEL %WINDIR%\RECENT\*.* (%WINDIR) refers to the location of your Windows intsallation directory

eg: C:\Windows\Recent for default Windows 9x installations.

If you have System Agent installed:

Insert a command into System Agent installed. Write a batch file with the above command in it, then add it into System Agent. Schedule it to run “On Startup”.

This method won’t work if you use User Profiles unless it is incorporated over all profiles, but there’s a work-around for this problem, and that is to use this style of batch file instead: DEL %WINDIR%\PROFILES\%USERNAME%\RECENT\*.*

Now just add a line for each user and amend the %USERNAME% for each user.

Note: MS-DOS programs run from System Agent should have “Background: Always Suspend” turned off.

In addition, instead of inserting the program itself into System Agent, insert its PIF file only.

You can also run PIF files from the Registry, from load= in WIN.INI, or in the startup group as well, in case you don’t have System Agent.

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