Widget's Print Directory V3.0

Widget’s Print Directory V3.0

Trying to print a directory (folder) listing can be a pain in the neck, and this is aside from the time consuming task in doing so. Widget’s Print Directory handles this task easily, along with a few others. In addition to being able to print our the contents of a directory, with this neat little utility you can target a given folder and its documents and set it to print out all of the documents (or a few) within the folder and it will set a land speed record for most documents printed in the shortest amount of time. When you need to print everything in a selected directory or subdirectory employ this helpful little tool. You can choose from several output options, including filename, time created, last access time, or file size. It will print it out in a jiffy! You have the ability to print the listing or saving the listing as a tab or comma delimited file so that it can be opened by Excel.

Print Directory Version 3.1 OS Win 95/98/NT Download Size 1061KB

Application Size 753KB

Please see the ReadMe file for install, system requirements and other information: ReadMe.txt


The Widget Print Directory will print all of the contents of a selected directory, sub-directories, and its contents.

Choose from 16 different formatting options such as:

  • Full path name or just the file name.
  • Created time.
  • Last access time.
  • Last written to time.
  • File size in bytes or kilobytes.
  • Date formatting options.
  • Many more.

Download Print Directory version 3.1 

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