Which Type of Workers Compensation Claim Is Easiest to Process

People put into consideration a wide range of factors before they start to work for some company. Of course, the main things they focus on are salary and the opportunity to make progress over time. But, there is also one more factor important to everyone – safety.

Workers need to remain 100% safe whichever duties they complete. Of course, certain jobs come with a higher level of risk. However, issues and injuries happen all the time, and entrepreneurs need to be aware of that.

So, what happens if one of the workers gets injured in his workplace? Well, he has the right to get a compensation claim. But, how that claim will look and how much money an individual can get directly depends on the injury.

First of all, we have to highlight that there are three different ways how workers’ compensation claims are divided. It has three different categories, and they are disability, death, and medical. But, these three categories also come with 4 subcategories. Because of that, we can say that there are 7 different types of them.

Are they all the same? They actually have some crucial differences. The entire process from getting started to getting the compensation is different from one category to another. That is the reason why we would like to highlight the easiest ones. That way, you will know approximately how much time you will have to wait to get something you deserve. Let’s go!



The name of this type of compensation probably describes everything. Compared to all the other categories, this one is the easiest. If you experienced a mild injury that does not require a long recovery time, then you can easily get compensation. More precisely, this type describes those injuries that do not require rest longer than 48 hours. For example, you hurt your finger a little, or you stepped on something and your leg hurts you a little (it is not broken). All these types of injuries fall under this category. Of course, all these injuries require some medical costs. You may need to visit a doctor or purchase medicine or two. You have the right to claim those costs as compensation, and the entire process is pretty easy.

Temporary Partial Disability


Temporary Partial Disability or TPD is one of the most common types of injuries. In these cases, the worker is partially unavailable to work on his duties for a bit longer time. Because of that, the employer has two duties – to give him free days until he fully recovers or to hire him for some duties that are not too difficult. Let’s imagine that you are an electrician that injured his leg. You will not manage to climb to poles or do similar jobs, but you will manage to focus on some other stuff that is much easier. Anyway, even in those cases, you have the right to ask for compensation. The insurance or employee himself will have to cover the medical costs and costs of recovery.

Temporary Total Disability


The name of this type of injury also explains the type of injury that a worker can experience. We are talking here about the injuries that do not allow workers to complete their duties at all for a long period of time. Let’s once again get back to leg injuries. This time, the injury is fatal, you can’t walk and you can’t get out of your bed. The recovery period lasts for a couple of months and the surgery and medical bills are not cheap at all. Everything connected with treatment and rehabilitation should not be your cost. You fully deserve the compensation and the insurance company should cover them all.

Generally speaking, people usually do not know what to do in these situations. They sometimes think that getting compensation is difficult. Well, this is the third easiest type of workers’ compensation claim on the list. But, that doesn’t mean the entire process is completely easy. You will still need to find a good lawyer that would take care of all the details. Because of that, we recommend you check Trollinger Law and find out more about a group of attorneys that can help you go through the entire process smoothly.

Permanent Partial Disability


Things start to be more serious with this category or subcategory (name it however you want). This means that you got injured with not so big consequences, but the consequences will last forever. That would mean you won’t manage to complete the duties you have worked on until you retire. Just like in the previous case, the employees give them tasks that are more suitable to their abilities. After they get unemployed, they also get some benefits because of their inability to work on the same tasks as before. Of course, it is normal that there is compensation for medical treatments as well as replacement wages.

So, what are the examples of this sort of injury? It is probably going to be hard to read, but it would be good to explain it to people. For instance, there is a worker that works for 15 years with heavy machinery. Unfortunately, he permanently injured his limbs. That means is no longer able to work in that type of job.

Death: The Hardest Thing


Generally speaking, bigger injuries are always harder to process. We will end this article with the most fatal case that can potentially happen – death. We truly hope you are reading this just because you want to get informed. The compensation, in this case, is the most difficult one. Of course, that’s not always the case. There are good people and entrepreneurs that are willing to pay lifetime compensation to a spouse and children of a worker that died at the workplace. But, that’s not always the case. Some companies simply prolong the process and try to pay the compensation as late as possible. Some of them will even try to prove the opposite, which is completely disgusting! If you know someone who experienced something like that, strongly recommend him to hire a lawyer that will go through the entire process and help the family get what they deserve.

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