6 Winning Strategies for Playing Blackjack Online

It is a very exciting game. The rules of this game are very simple, and there are great chances that if you play your hand smartly, you will easily win. Let’s go back in time for a moment. Blackjack began to gain popularity during the First World War, but it was known even before that. In fact, its roots date back to 1760. However, to enjoy the benefits of this spectacular game, you need to know how it works.

This refers to proper assessment, acquired skills, and the use of strategies. When you have it all, the only thing you lack is a little luck, of course. The first step to success is to acquire adequate strategies. If you are interested in learning more about it, keep reading.

1. The first dealer card


One of the basic strategies involves the following situation. So the dealer drew the first card. Your task is to pay attention to it. Depending on whether it is high or not, you should continue to draw the card until you reach at least 17. Now the chances are high that the dealer will get at least 17 which means that the situation will be resolved or the dealer will win. Then, the dealer continues to draw cards until he reaches 17, but the same rule does not apply to the player.

If the dealer has drawn a lower ticket, you should immediately stop looking for a ticket if it comes to 12 or more. The reason is a great chance that the dealer will lose and that is your chance to gain an advantage. The key thing to this strategy is that in situations like this you never take a ticket that will mean defeat or loss of money to you. Even if you don’t have a strong hand, wait for the dealer to defeat himself.

2. Basic blackjack strategy

Complicated strategies can scare beginners and that is why we suggest you the simplest option. Try to follow experienced players who base their decisions on logic and statistics or contact ufabet to receive more info. Of course, this does not apply to counting cards, because any casino that holds on to its reputation will not allow it. However, you certainly can’t apply card counting in this game to online games. Due to the nature of the game, you can’t have a big advantage over the house, but there is something that will increase your chances.

You should apply the laws of statistics and probability to find the optimal solutions for every move that can take place during the game. In that case, you will often win for a start, and after that you will try to make the biggest profit by reducing the risk of a bust. Even if a loss occurs to you, you can reduce it by surrendering or deviating from double-down.

3. Players with a soft hand

The next strategy that will bring you closer to the deal is to look for a card until the hand crosses 18. For example, if you have an ace and a five, your total score will be 6 or 16. In that case, you should take another card. However, you can also opt for a double down. When the hand is 11, you should play like this. On the other hand, if you have 10 points you will play double down only when the dealer does not have a 10-point or ace card in the first card.

4. High Blackjack RTP


Since RTP determines the amount of money you can expect, you should stick to games that offer high profitability. This is why online games are so popular because they make it easier for their users to search.

You can narrow down the choice of casinos in a very short time because most websites will write the percentage of the payout in the information section. If you already have your favorite website, simply go through the different variations of this game and pay attention to the payout percentages. Remember that even a little research can do wonders for your long-term gains.

5. Blackjack Bonuses

Another advantage of online casinos is the high percentage of bonuses. However, you should distinguish these bonuses from the usual ones that you receive as a gift for loyalty. If you want to earn an additional bonus you need to make a deposit.

Then, the casino will process the deposit and you will earn the corresponding bonus. Everyone has the opportunity to earn an extra bonus, but it is crucial that you understand the terms and conditions of the casino.

6. Exercise strategy

Lastly, if you are unsure of your skills and do not want to lose money, try this strategy. It was created with the goal of giving players complete control over their decisions, and that will help them achieve a better outcome. The basis of the strategy is good preparation. Before you start playing with real money, try to find out everything about this game, practice it well, and only then are you ready for the real game. The most important thing is to play for free on the Internet and then switch to the bet.

It is also important to always be fully conscious and sober. Practice rational thinking all the time and avoid unnecessary risk. Always set a budget, because that way you will invest only the money you can afford. The game ends for you as soon as you get tired, angry, or spend more money than you planned. Any strategy will only be successful if you follow it to the end.



So, if you know how to play blackjack and mate enough experience, the strategy comes to you as an ace at ten. The saying that we describe that something is so good for us that it can’t get any better comes from blackjack. Right at the beginning, the casino has an advantage over the blackjack player.

Quite a natural situation, if it were not so I would not be in the casino offer. However, with the help of blackjack strategies, this advantage can be greatly reduced. Now you are finally ready to play, the cards are shuffled and just waiting for you!

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