4 Reasons To Spend Your Next Holiday In Burgundy

There are many reasons why France is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Most people will think about Paris, but there are so many other places where you can have your dream vacation. One of these places is Burgundy, a place known for its amazing nature and high-quality wine.

It can be a great solution for both couples and families to spend time there since there are various activities available besides the ability to enjoy in unique nature of this area. One of the best examples is to stay on a farm, where you can experience authentic experiences and enjoy local cuisine and wine. If you are interested in this option, check here. Moreover, here are some of the main reasons why this place should be your next destination.

1. Unique Combination of Luxury and Rural


There are many houses and different facilities in this area that dates back to medieval times. Also, even those who are building modern buildings and houses are making them suitable to that unique style of this area.

If you decide to book a room there, you might be surprised by the amount of luxury inside the house that appears to be hundreds of years old when looked at from the outside. Everything is decorated in that unique French style, including the stores and restaurants where you can find local cheese and wine. The area is very quiet as well, surrounded by nature, and far away from modern cities.

2. A Lot of Activities

We have to mention that the most popular time for people to visit this place in fall, especially in September, when the wine producers are finishing with the process for this year, and there are many wine-tasting events where you can have a chance to taste some incredibly good sort of wine before it is sealed in those big barrels. There are many wine yards that will create events that last for a couple of days, while you can also contact some agencies to get a guide through different yards as well.

Moreover, the fall is not the only time of the year when you should visit this place because there are many other activities available besides those related to wine. For example, if you prefer hiking, coming here in early summer or spring can be a great idea. Also, there are many hotels where you can enjoy in an amazing experience with spa centers, pools, and more.

Wellness centers are very popular in this country, which means that it is the perfect solution if you want to relax. Another amazing activity is to take a tour with a hot-air balloon and observe the area from the sky.

Moreover, there is a canal longer than 200 km, and many river tours are available. Besides that, we have to mention that there are bigger boats with kitchens, that are like restaurants on the water, which is truly an amazing experience.

Another activity that we have to mention is related to medieval castles, and there are many of them in this area. What is even more amazing about this is that local people manage to keep these castles in the same condition as they were hundreds of years ago.

3. There Are Many Historic Monuments


If you prefer cultural sites and locations where you can learn more about the history of this place, we suggest you start with the Saint Lazare Cathedral. This crush is more than 800 years old, and you will have a chance to see some amazing works of art there, like pictures and sculptures.

Another place that is worth visiting is the de Beaune Hospital from the 15th century. There are many other amazing monuments as well, such as the Owl’s Trail building, the Church of Saint Marie Madeleine, and many other sites that date back to the 13th, 14th, and 15th centuries.

4. Local Cuisine

It is a well-known fact that France is on the top when it comes to food. Therefore, you can enjoy some amazing recipes in Burgundy as well. The highlight is always on wine and cheese, but some other types of food are also unique for this place, such as specially prepared beef, eel meat, chicken made in a Burgundian way, and, of course, cooked frog legs.

It is not a surprise that many people connect this cuisine with romantic dinners since it has a unique combination of spices that are affecting all our senses. In that matter, if you are planning a honeymoon vacation, or you want to surprise your partner with something unique, choosing this destination can be the best option.

There Are Many Other Attractions


It all depends on your preferences when it comes to the selection of activities. However, one thing is sure, and that is that every person will find something interesting in this place. Those interested in spending more time in nature could have an amazing time by going on hiking tours or riding a bike. The interesting fact is that there are many well-designed biking trails around the area.

You can learn more about history, but also about prehistory since there are several locations with discovered dinosaurs and some other prehistoric creatures. Moreover, instead of buying a souvenir, you can make one on your own by visiting some pottery shop that is organizing classes for people to learn how to make various projects with ceramic and pottery.

As you can use, this is a unique place with a focus on nature and rural type of living, but there are modern facilities available as well. Therefore, luxury and comfort are secured. People, there are very hospitable, and many of them will offer you their domestic products like meat and cheese. Also, expect that someone will offer you their excellent win on every corner.


Burgundy is one remarkable place in France, and it can be a great solution for different occasions. You can go there with your friends and family, but the most unique experience is guaranteed for couples who choose this place for their romantic vacation.

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